Film / Sesame Street Stays Up Late!
We're gonna stay up late and party!

Sesame Street Stays Up Late! is a New Year's Eve Special starring the Sesame Street Gang that was first broadcast on PBS on December 29, 1993 and released to home video later the next year. Everyone on Sesame Street is getting ready for the big New Year's Eve party but Telly quickly discovers that the year will be over and fears what happens when it is, so he launches a campaign to stop the new year from coming.

Meanwhile Elmo is the host of the Monster News Network showing how New Year's Eve celebrations are held around the world.


  • Are We There Yet?: Subverted. Baby Bear keeps shouting "Happy New Year!" and blowing his noisemaker during the special and the others remind him that it is not quite time yet. When the time finally does come, Baby Bear need to be reminded that it is time.
  • Crossover: The Monster News Network segments feature Elmo reporting on New Year's Eve celebrations from six different countries, most of which are crossovers from that country's native version of Sesame Street.
  • Either/Or Title: The special was called Sesame Street Celebrates Around the World on Home Video.
  • New Year Has Come: Obviously it's a New Year's Eve Special!
  • Oh, Crap!: Tita from Rua Sesamo remarks "Ai-ai-ai" after hearing that one child made a wish for a dog.
  • Overcrank: Once the group counts down to midnight Wolfgang tosses the ball up in the air and it lands on the ground. The footage of this happening plays extra slow.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Telly after he appears as an agent from the "Department of Parties & Celebrations". He is wearing only sunglasses and a false beard and is busted after the beard comes off.
  • The Stinger: Everyone continues to celebrate after the credits roll, including Slimey, and Cookie Monster appears to eat a part of the text reading "THE END".
  • Walk Into Camera Obstruction: Telly runs screaming into the camera after Oscar tells him the coming of midnight will cause the world to end.
  • When the Clock Strikes Twelve: After seeing how children in Portugal eat twelve grapes at the strike of midnight, Big Bird gets the idea to do the same thing.