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General Fics

Turning Darkness into Light by GorimJr.
  • Recommended by: Mad Midnight Dreams, Hedgi
  • Synopsis: An alternate ending to the movie. Crom wasn't the only god sleeping in Aisling's forest. (Set just before the Viking attack.)
    • Seconded. As a troper taking an Irish mythogy class, I really, really loved this- Gorim Jr has really done the research, and it pays off. A brilliant idea for an alternate ending. It's a must read.

Pangur-ban by The Wizard of Words.
  • Recommended by: Manga Manic
  • Crossover: The Secret of Kells/ My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic
  • Synopsis: The Everfree Forest is ancient, carrying within its soil and roots an untold amount of untapped magic. It can be felt by every pony, from the elder alicorns to the untrained earth ponies. Tangible and deep, possibly unending. There is, however, a very good reason no pony has ever successfully used this power. It isn't their forest.
    • I highly recommend this story. The author does an incredible job of playing to the readers emotions, music from the movie is placed throughout the chapters adding to the amazing atmosphere they set up, making exciting moments exhilarating and touching moments truly touching.
    • The story has been removed from the site by the author and deleted.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.