Tear Jerker: The Secret of Kells

  • The Abbot believing Brendan to have been killed in the Viking attack, and seeing just how much it broke him, even years later. "How can I rest, when our greatest treasure is gone?...He was only a boy..."
    • After the Abbot has been shot and stabbed, he lies on the ground at the brink of death and stares at the ruined Scriptorium, eyes tearing as he believes that Aidan and Brendan were killed within.
    • And the entire attack on the Abbey, as it results in the offscreen deaths of almost all townspeople and monks, which is overlaid by gorgeous choral music.
  • Brother Aidan's footprints are washed away on the beach as Pangar Ban and an adult Brendan head home.
  • When Aisling seems to have been eaten/killed by Crom Cruach.