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"Thank you for having a look at my story. This is actually my third crack at writing this remake of my first fic, but I really hope it's my last time doing so. For old and new readers alike, please enjoy."
First chapter's author's note

Better be the last time…

Link to Life is a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction by No Limit. According to him, it is supposed to be something of a Spinoff. However, No Limit unashamedly features other companies' works besides Disney licensed ones.

According to the story's summary: Rika Itonami, with help from Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, has to "Link" the worlds together before all of existence is wiped out and face the new deadly foes known as the Purifiers and the Soulfuls. Will they save the day? Unlikely, but they'll try anyway!

Interestingly, the story features more than one protagonist. While Rika is the lead character, other main characters include original characters Kai Higure, a Covert Pervert and Unlucky Childhood Friend to Rika; and Ashi Kiyomeru, a Hot-Blooded Heroic Wannabe.

With consideration of the previous attempts at the story, each main character is accompanied by not only their two (three in Kai's case) party members but a whole crew of characters, each serving a purpose to the group. Expect Loads and Loads of Characters.

The story, while attempting to be loyal to the source material, often pokes fun at the original games and formula. Mainly running on Rule of Funny and Rule of Fun, No Limit rarely takes the story that seriously. As you can tell by the page quote, this is No Limit's third version of the first Link to Life, as No Limit did not feel he did a proper job with the first two - which, in turn, were redoes of his first Fan Fic. Yeah, he's something of a perfectionist.

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