Fan Fic / The Broken Diamond

The Broken Diamond

Order and Chaos. Liberty and Control. The use of Power.

The man trying to perfect himself as an example to others, finding enlightenment in serving others.

The one-eyed man in the labyrinth of the blind, breaking rules and committing sins in his search for something precious.

The woman finding herself by destroying herself, ripping lives apart in a search for something real.

The Broken Diamond follows the Crucible, a Cabal of Mages, as they navigate the politics of Washington, DC - the eponymous Broken Diamond - look for the line between their normal lives and the Supernal power that have placed them above Muggles and try to find out what it is they want to do with their unlimited power. What starts as a simple, almost makework task to discover who is painting graffiti of Atlantean glyphs, however, quickly becomes something with wide-ranging consequences for the whole city, if not the rest of the Fallen World.

The Broken Diamond, along with The Soul Cage, is an absolute must-read to anyone interested in Mage: The Awakening, the New World of Darkness or Tabletop Games in general.

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