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Fan Fic: Stairway To Equestria
Cover Artist: Moe

Stairway To Equestria is a My Little Pony Fan Fiction written by Alexaroth. The first chapters were posted on January 21 2012 and currently spans over 27 chapters.

Synopsis: After a bad decision my life had apparently ended. The Grim Reaper was in a rush, but the big boys up there wouldn't allow it.Cutting a deal with Death and ending up in a world I never thought I would see seemed like a blessing but soon, things got complicated. Was it a new chance, a dream coming true or was my soul still trapped somewhere between worlds?I wrote this book so everyone would know the adventures of how I found the Stairway to Equestria.

Stairway To Equestria contains examples of:

  • Armor-Piercing Question: After Celestia tries to justify her actions against Blink, stating that she would sacrifice one to save many, Luna counters with this.
    "And what if that one pony would be your student?"
  • The Hero's Journey : The main character undergoes a long journey in part 2 of the novel, travelling all the way to the Gryphon's Lands to 'pay' for his actions.
  • Enemy Within : Similarly to Luna, Midnight Blink has an inner Nightmare of his own that he has to deal with constantly throughout part two and three of the story.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better : Blink buys a rare example of this kind of weapon and uses it throughout the story in various fights and scuffles.
  • Opposites Attract : Twilight and Midnight Blink
  • Rank Up: Blink gets promoted to Captain of the Royal Guard so that he can be present in the War Room meetings, Chaser also gets promoted to Captain of the Royal Guard when Midnight Blink gives him that title before the battle of Struthill
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Celestia punishes Blink by sending him to the Gryphon's Lands to pay for his crime of attacking an ambassador of that kingdom in self-defence. She believed that to be a good decision initially, as she had Twilight in mind the whole time.
    • Luna doesn't buy it, as all evidence indicates that Celestia merely wants Blink away from Twilight by any means necessary and jumped at the chance.

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