Fan Fic: Pokémon: Attack of Mewtwo


"Pokemon: Attack of Mewtwo" is a Pokémon Troll Fic created by "dark-lemur".

The fanfic tells the story of Sarah, a 13-year old trainer with "black hair and nice smile and really pretty." She receives an Eevee "Eve" "evee" from Professor Oak on her first day as a trainer. Unfortunately her adventure is soon derailed as Mewtwo a clone of Mewtwo called Mewthree attacks and "explodes" Oak's laboratory, killing Professor Oak and possibly Gary. After that, Sarah swears revenge on Mewtwo and starts her Pokémon journey. In the next chapter, she is joined by Jake, a male Pokémon trainer who apparently "look like 13 year old Zac Efron". Things go downhill from there.

The story also has a sekwel, "Pokemon: Attack of Mewtwo 2: Attack of Team Rocket." It doesn't contain Mewtwo or Mewthree and Oak and Gary are inexplicably alive again.

Although the original stories have been removed from, a dramatic reading of the story can be found here. A MSTing of the first story can be found here, and the MSTing of the second story can be found here.In addition, both fics have been reposted to The first one can be found here. The "sekwel" was recently reposted (as of February 2015) and can be found here.

This fic provides examples of: