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Drinking Game: Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill is one of those rare shows that only comes around once in a lifetime. A show that completely redefines the definition of "insanity", a show either written by Japanese Mad Scientists (emphasis on mad) or at a comedy revue at an insane asylum. Or both!

As such, Kill la Kill is a show that, much like its predecessor, only improves the less sober you are. Let's rumba!

  • Take a shot every time something explodes
  • Take a shot every time the show plays "Before My Body is Dry"
    • Also take a shot if any other voiced leitmotif plays.
  • Take a shot any time a character discusses the benefits of being nude or fanservice
  • Take a shot any time "Stripped of the Will to Fight" appears.
  • Take a shot whenever a Transformation Sequence plays. If multiple characters are transforming, take one for each character.

  • Take a shot any time she mentions avenging her father
  • Take a shot any time she goes insane with rage
  • Take a shot whenever she uses "Fiber Lost".
    • Take an additional one if she uses her Scissor Blade's "Decapitation Mode" first.

  • Take a shot any time she interrupts a dramatic moment with her "Hallelujah" speech
  • Take a shot any time she falls asleep
  • Take a shot whenever she does something inappropriate to Ryuko

  • Take a shot any time her heel dramatically clicks against the ground
  • Take a shot whenever her aura of light shines
  • Take a shot every time she refers to "pigs in human clothing" or makes other Social Darwinist speeches.
  • Take a shot whenever she refers to herself as "I, Kiryuin Satsuki!"

Elite 4
  • Take a shot any time Gamagoori changes size
  • Take a shot any time Inumuta works a computer
  • Take a shot any time Nonon snarks at someone
  • Take a shot anytime Sanageyama gets worfed.

Nudist Beach
  • Take a shot any time Mikisugi strips
  • Take a shot any time Tsumugu is horribly outclassed
  • Take a shot whenever Tsumugu lists two things

Kiryuin Conglomerate
  • Take a shot anytime one of them displays a Slasher Smile.
  • Take a shot whenever they say something in a language that isn't the default language of the dub.
  • Take a shot whenever Ragyo molests someone.
  • Take a shot whenever Ragyo's aura of rainbow light shines.
  • Take a shot whenever Nui loses her cheerful disposition.
  • Take a shot whenever Nui displays Limited Animation.

  • Take a shot everytime red kanji appears
  • Forget everything and just take a drink any time any character gets naked or the show presents boobs, butts, a crotch-shot, or someone half naked. You will not survive.
  • Take a Shot every time Sanageyama shouts "Men Dou Kote" (or if you actually want to die, when he shouts "Men", "Dou", or "Kote" separately)

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