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Trivia: Kill la Kill

  • Actor Allusion
  • Anime First: The series was originally going to be a manga with straight-up action and little else. Now it's a more character-focused anime (though there's still plenty of ass-kicking, and a manga adaptation to go with it).
  • Author Avatar: The DVD special documentary revealed that a few Trigger staff members made themselves appear as students within the Honnouji Academy.
  • Blooper: In Episode 16 Ryuko is seen reverse sitting on a chair, her legs through the holes under the arm-supports. Then she violently stands up, grabbing said chair and lifting it above her head. However, there is no scene of her pulling her legs out from under the arm supports. It's pretty much like they phased through her legs when she was standing up. Can be seen here and here.
  • Completely Different Title: The show's Chinese name, which translates to both The Girl Who Cuts Cloth and The Girl Who Cuts By Dual Wielding.
    • In the original drafts of the script, the show's title was "The Crimson Garment"
  • Expy
    • The designs and, to an extent, the personalities of the main protagonist and antagonist are reminiscent of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann characters Simon and Rossiu, respectively. The entire show could even be considered as TTGL's Spiritual Successor.
    • Gamagoori is more or less a teenage, subservient Raoh (with a character design closer to Souther, though) and a reincarnated Hentai Kamen.
    • Ryuko and Satsuki are pretty much like Dante and Vergil and Ragna and Jin. Red vs. Blue, BFS vs. Katanas Are Just Better, and Siblings? Yup.
    • Tsumugu is Yoko genderbent. He's got a shock of red hair and excellent sniper skills, and he's extremely attractive, especially in his revealing battle uniform. Yoko could also be his mother, with Kittan as his father.
    • Ryuko and Mako are comparable to Sonya and Yasuna, though Ryuko never abuses Mako and Mako can handle much more nasty beatings. Funny enough, there are fans who make puns with the two anime's titles.
    • The Tennis Club Captain, Omiko Hakodate, looks and acts like a female Viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
    • Takaharu Fukuroda is very similar to Ziria from the Tengai Makyou series, up to sharing the same voice actor.
    • Senketsu and Isshin Matoi seem like expies of Mazinger Z and Dr. Juzo Kabuto. Isshin created a super powerful uniform then was killed by the antagonist which propelled Ryuko into her Roaring Rampage of Revenge. She also uses her father's creation to exact her revenge similarly to Kouji Kabuto.
    • Ryuko's situation is also similar to that of another Go Nagai creation, Cutey Honey. Honey, like Ryuko, is also out for revenge after her father was killed. Said father was also responsible in some way for her powers. Both also wear highly Stripperiffic outfits in battle.
    • Ryuko's situation and personality also bares a striking resemblance to that of Ragna The Bloodedge. Both of them are mean, but good-natured loners who wield really large swords that can transform into an even bigger sword. They're primarily motivated by revenge for the death of a loved one and go against an established government to do so, and end in up a conflict with a Katana user Who later is revealed to be their sibling. Bonus points for the actual culprits of their messed up lives being revealed later, and taunt them over their weakness which massively pisses them off. The Big Bad of each respective series is also revealed to be a relative of theirs as well, who is also under the control of an otherworldly menace.note 
    • Ryuko's situation also bares a striking resemblance to that of Scorpion. Both of them use otherwordly powers. They're primarily motivated by revenge for the death of a loved one and go against an established government to do so, and end up in a conflict with a member of the organization who later is revealed not to be one responsible for the death of their loved one. note  Bonus points for the actual culprits of their messed up lives being revealed later, and taunt them over their weakness which massively pisses them off. The actual culprit of each respective series is also revealed to be working with the Bigger Bad who seeks to conquer and rule the world in their image.
    • Character design-wise, Ryuko looks a helluva lot like Seija Kijin, enough for many Japanese fan-artists to create lots of crossover art featuring both Ryuko and Seija switching clothes and/or situations. In less degree, many artists love to depict Mako as Shinmyomaru Sukuna, also from Double Dealing Character.note 
    • Maiko Ogure looks like she could be the sibling of Rue from Princess Tutu.
    • Houka Inumuta is like a more cynical version of Miki Kaoru.
    • If Ryuko is Simon and Satsuki is Rossiu then Mako is the Kamina of the three. There are many similarities, both are rather crazy, have weird perception of the world, has no real power when compared to the protagonist, are utterly fearless and will charge into any situation without much thinking. What is the most important however is that both serve as enormous moral support to the protagonist in their moments of need.
    • The Original Life Fiber is basically Lavos right down to its entire modus operandi.
      • For bonus points, Ragyo Kiryuin assumes a role very similiar to Queen Zeal.
    • Some fans point out the similarities to s-CRY-ed. Both are conflicts between a chaotic Anti-Hero and an Anti-Villain working for the established order, who end up working together when a larger threat comes around. Kazuma and Ryuhou even have similar personalities and a similar dynamic between them to Ryuko and Satsuki.
    • Sanageyama's character and development is a condensed version of Sun Wukong's.
  • Fan Nickname
    • Hype la Hype: The series itself, for obvious reasons.
    • Schoolzinger: Honnouji Academy.
    • Aikuro goes by just about every moniker (Sexy Sensei, Coach, Kamina, Akio, Aizen and Sycamore ) except his real name.
    • Ryuko sometimes gets called Female!Kamina or Female!Simon, in addition to Simon's daughter or Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • After acquiring his Mask of Power, Sanageyama became known by fans as Ninja Turtle.
    • Gamagoori's transformed Goku Uniform has been christened "Bondage Iron Man" by some.
    • The Ambiguously Gay Duo (for Ryuko and Mako)
    • Satsuki's Mother Ragyo rapidly caught the nicknames "Rainbow Mom" (or, in a similar vein, "Ragyo Dash"), "Seven-Star Body", "Disco MILF", and "Mama Bad Touch".
    • Harime gets "Nui Pie" for being pink, doing things like reaching across split-screens and leaning on her own Boss Subtitles text, and being incredibly Cute But Psycho (though that last one only applies to Fanon!Pinkie Pie)
    • Collectively, Ragyo, Nui, and Rei are know as Lady Gaga, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Nicki Minaj respectively, such as in this post.
    • Naked Snake in reference to Nonon, after the events of episode 19.
    • Takarada has increasingly been referred to as Crab Nicholson and Mr. Krabs thanks to his animal themed power armor. And of course, there's his title as the "Dosh King".
    • Ever since Episode 18, Ryuko & Satsuki have been dubbed the "Scissor Sisters", with fans anticipating both of wielding one half of the Scissor blades. They got their wish in the final episode.
    • Mako in her Goku Uniform is occasionally called "Kawaii Sukeban".
  • Hey, It's That Voice!
  • I Knew It
    • Many people saw Satsuki's betrayal of her mother coming, based mostly on her characterization, which showed that she cared for her subordinates, and even Ryuko. It also helped that the series has several references to the Sengoku Period, and that Honnouji is the place where Oda Nobunaga was betrayed by Akechi Mitsuhide.
    • Many people had called that Satsuki was training Ryuko.
    • At the same time, many people called the twist from episode 18 regarding Ryuko and Satsuki being sisters.
    • Some people managed to figure out that Soichiro Kiryuin and Professor Matoi are the same person, after Ragyo revealed that Ryuko is her daughter.
    • The purpose of a Kamui's Stripperiffic-ness was very easy to guess (to avoid overwhelming the wearer). The lack of purpose for the high heels made it hard to be 100% sure, though.
    • Virtually everyone, from the beginning, theorized that Honnouji Academy was somehow a giant mech in one form or another, something that was confirmed in the OVA.
  • Playing Against Type/Playing with Character Type: Stephanie Sheh who usually plays either Shrinking Violets or more recently Genki Girls now plays the sadistic Nui Harime.
  • The Reveal: After the whole season being listed as "?" in the credits, the voice actor for the dog, Guts has tweeted himself out two days after the finale aired.
    Katsuyuki Konishi: "...Let me give you two pieces of information. One, our DVDs and Blue-Rays are selling like hotcakes; Two, I'm Guts, GATTSU-GATTSUU~!!" note 
  • Throw It In: Satsuki's Say My Name moment during the finale was improvised, according to a tweet by the voice actress. There wasn't anything written in the script, but her mind was screaming that she had to catch Ryuko at all costs and she couldn't help but cry out Ryuko's name. Given that said moment is featured in the Awesome, Funny and Heartwarming sections, it's probably safe to say that people are glad she did.
  • Trolling Creator
    • Episode 15 ends with yet another victory for Satsuki, along with the promise of a much-needed Info Dump in the next episode. Episode 16 opens with Senketsu stating that it's time for a Recap Episode! Just before the audience can get too angry, it becomes apparent that the recap will be a Motor Mouthed crash course that doesn't take a full minute. The episode proceeds as it should from there.
    Senketsu: Those of you whose hearts sank at the words, "compilation episode", rest easy! Kill la Kill is known for its lightning pace! Even our compilations are wrapped up in the teaser!
    • Fans have been predicting Mako's death since the series began; episode 21 just takes this and runs with it by putting her into so many near-death experiences. Unsurprisingly, she survives the episode.
      • Episode 22 follows suit... and she still survives.
  • Symbolism: This is a good run-down of much of the mythological symbolism used in the series.

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