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Drinking Game: Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Take a chug of Guiness every time Ed says "gravy"
    • Or whenever Eddy says the words "scam" or "cash"
    • Let's not forget "buttered toast"
  • Any time that Eddy calls Ed "monobrow".
    • Any time that Eddy calls Ed the name of a character from a play, a writer, or an artist.
  • Take three chugs any time someone in the show says "jawbreakers"
    • Four if you see them with a jawbreaker.
    • Finish your drink if the Eds actually eat jawbreakers.
  • Every time Kevin says "Dorks," take a sip. Say goodbye to brain cells.
  • Any time Jimmy gets brutally injured, take two swigs.
  • Drink half a can for every omnivorous item Ed eats.
    • Drink the whole can for every time Ed is used as an item.
  • If you ever see dollar signs in Eddy's eyes, drink.
  • Take a shot each time Double D repeats a word three times in a row. Filthy, filthy, filthy. Plastered, plastered, plastered.
    • Take two for every time he says "Oh, dear".
    • Also, whenever Ed repeats a word or phrase three times in a row. Dig a hole, dig a hole, dig a hole. Eggs, eggs, eggs.
  • Drink every time Rolf says a strange proverb.
    • Drink continuously when Rolf talks about something related to his homeland/his family.
    • And again for every culture shock he has.
    • And again every time he calls them "Ed boys".
    • And again every he says his own name.
  • Drink every time Plank "says" something.
    • Take a shot whenever Jonny says "I don't get it either, Plank."
  • Take a large drink whenever Sarah exhibits High-Pressure Emotion.
    • Take another if she threatens Ed that she will "tell Mom", or some variation.
  • Take a drink whenever Nazz giggles.
    • Or whenever she says "dude" or "totally"
  • Whenever the Kankers kiss the Eds, drink.
    • If the Kankers don't kiss the Eds, take a chug.
    • If the Kankers don't even see or speak to the Eds, down a bottle.
  • Any time any of the characters break the fourth wall.
  • Take a few swigs whenever Sarah and Jimmy are more successful than the Eds without even having to plan a scam.
  • Every time the Eds are already scamming the other kids at the beginning of the episode.
  • Take a shot every time damage that is probably worth millions of dollars and could take months to fix has been repaired by the next scene or episode.
  • Take a shot for every Guilt By Association Gag. Two if Edd isn't the victim.
  • Take a shot whenever Edd says something scientific. 2 if you understand it. And take 3 shots whenever he makes a outlandish contraption, and take another shot if it's made out of garbage. If you choose to follow this rule, then God have mercy on your soul.
  • One sip for every "gay moment" you see. Have an ambulance on standby.

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