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Great Pikmin Fan's unpublished Squirrel Boy fan fic. Why SB? Not really sure. It started out back when I was in my "SB IS NOT THAT BAD OKAY!" defending phrase, and back then this was just a random idea for seasons three and onnote  that I didn't feel like putting into a fan fic. Now, the concept has grown on me a bit. Some info on the plot can be found here. Info of the tropes this uses can be found on this page. Working title, working on the page.

To summarize the Wikipedia description (though I will give a more in-depth summary sometime later), the fan fic is supposed to be about a strange, rich new family who moves in a few blocks away from the Johnson house. Rodney snoops around and discovers this giant, Mario-ish coin glowing with power that gives him fire abilities, along with other things. Long story short, lots of people get tied into the whole thing, both good and bad.

The idea definitly needs some fleshing out, and as such if the fan fic gets published in recent times, expect only the introduction to be made.

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  • Big Bad: Possibly Killite.
  • Demoted to Extra: This might be Andy's fate. Or even worse, he could be...
    • Put on a Bus: Along with the possibility of Andy, Oscar could have this to.
  • Elemental Powers: Rodney gets fire powers, Darline gets water powers, and an OC gets electricity powers. There's much more, but those three are the central Power Trio.
  • Power Trio: And speaking of which, this eventually forms between three of the squirrels. Rodney's the id, Rabbid's the ego, and Darline's the superego.
  • Shout-Out: The blast rings are launch stars, and such.
  • Teleportation: There's a special chemical that specifically allows this.