Creator: Virtual Smash

Virtual Smash is a Machinima group created by Megablueblaster that excels in creating high quality visual entertainment. They combine their abilities to create their projects so that they could offer the best of entertainment to their viewers.

It is directed by 13 relatively well-known Super Smash Bros. machinima makers known as the Virtual XIII. Members of the Virtual XIII and their works include:
  • I: The Masta Blasta, Megablueblaster himself.
    • Silver Crisis
    • SSBB TV!
    • Virtual Force
  • II: The Technic Support, Yashanyu1.
    • Game Master
  • III: The Hidden Potential, ElectroBlade.
    • The Legend of Olimar
  • IV: The Luminous Sorcerer, IblisStarEvan.
    • Wings of a Hero
  • V: The Empty Canvas, ThatOneLefty.
  • VI: メロディックシャド&#12540/The Melodic Shadow;, Shadowlink4321.
    • Brawl Heroes
  • VII: The Dream Knight, Pikamaxi.
    • Pokemon Forumet and the Strike of Shadow
    • Rhythm Smash Fever
  • VIII: The Arrogant Flame, Sight360X.
    • The Evil Samaritan
  • IX: The Obeisant Captain, CaptainD64.
    • Shion and Fuu
  • X: The Mercuric Giant, Tigura21.
  • XI: The Aurous Gale, TheRollingNolan.
  • XII: The Soulless Puppeteer, Angelglory.
    • Tale of Advent
    • Brawlolz
    • Broken
    • Next Smash
  • XIII: The Silent Voice, LordCrayZbrawlR.
  • i: Our Lost Hero, the late Fortyniner235 (RIP)
    • Zeburon

Examples of tropes with Virtual Smash:

  • Animesque: Several of their machinimas appear to take inspiration from Anime and even include a few Anime tropes.
  • Anime Theme Song: Currently 3 of them.
    • Virtual Piece- A parody of the 15th Opening of One Piece; We Go.
    • Virtual Beats- A parody of Angel Beats Opening; My Soul, Your Beats.
    • Virtual S Arena- A parody of the Persona 4 Arena opening.
  • Development Hell: Although it is acknowledged that making a good machinima take time and some people lack that free time, some of their machinima series haven't seen an update in quite awhile.
  • Leitmotif:
    • "Smash Through"- Virtual Smash's theme.
    • "Blue Blast"- Mega Blasta's theme.

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