Creator: Tom Kratman

Co-Author with John Ringo in the Legacy of the Aldenata series, but he also has done some writing of his own, particularly in military fiction, science fictional and not. The nature of his writing tends to result in Internet Backdrafts due to the highly charged political content and the very clear religious conflict.

Formerly a colonel in the US Army before medical issues forced him to retire, part of his service was in Panama, resulting in it being a recurring theme in his books, with Panama IN SPACE! happening in the Carrera's Legions series, while the Legacy of the Aldenata novel Yellow Eyes (and the very beginning of The Tuloriad) have Panama during and after an Alien Invasion.

Works by Tom Kratman with their own pages:

Tropes associated with his works not already covered in the above pages:

  • Religious Stereotype: Any Muslim character, especially in Caliphate.
  • Strawman Political: Tom Kratman is an avowed libertarian/conservative, so expect "evil, baby eating liberals".
  • Take That, Critics!: Minor characters somewhat resembling certain Internet trolls and social justice warriors who have mocked Kratman's works—By purest coincidence, no doubt—sometimes appear in the later books. Invariably, their portrayal is unflattering, and they not infrequently come to a bad end.