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Historically Canada's second French-language television network, behind Société du Radio-Canada Télévision (the French equivalent of CBC).

TVA (pronounced "tay-vey-ah") was established in the 1970s to be the second French language TV network in Canada. The network got its start from two TV stations based in Quebec, CFTM-TV in Montreal and CFCM-TV in Quebec City. While CFTM signed on as an independent, CFCM was originally a Radio-Canada affiliate until the CBC signed on CBVT in 1964. The network is owned by media conglomerate Quebecor. TVA currently airs a mix of French dubs of English-language shows from the American networks and its own homegrown programming produced in Quebec. Its own shows are some of the highest rated TV shows in Quebec and French Canada.

For many years, TVA also ventured into the movie business with a studio, TVA Films. While some of its films are English-language releases (including serving as the Canadian distributor of a few Warner Bros. releases), most of them are produced in French. One of its best-known French-language films is C.R.A.Z.Y..

In 1999, the CRTC added TVA to the list of "must-carry" networks for all cable systems in Canada.

TVA has usually been regarded as the French equivalent of CTV, although the two networks were never owned together. Like CTV, TVA was historically a co-operative until it was restructured as a corporation. The old TVA logo was very similar to that of CTV, using a square, a circle, and a triangle (TVA switched to its current logo in 2011-12). TVA, like CTV, officially doesn't stand for anything, although some people refer to the network as Téléviseurs Associés ("Associated Telecasters").