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Creator: Sean Williams
Sean Williams is an Australian science fiction and fantasy author. He has contributed to the Star Wars Expanded Universe (including parts of New Jedi Order, and the novelisations of The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed 2). His own works include the Evergence trilogy (co-written with Shane Dix), the Books of the Change trilogy, the Changeling trilogy, and the standalone novel The Resurrected Man, among others.

Works with their own trope pages include:

Other works provide examples of:

  • An Astral Projection, Not a Ghost: Adi's ghost in the Changeling trilogy.
  • Brain Uploading: One of the spin-offs of the teleporter technology in The Resurrected Man.
  • False Friend: Ros's friend Escher in the Changeling trilogy.
  • Fantastic Noir: The Resurrected Man is a noir detective novel in a future world with teleporters and artificial intelligences.
  • Golem: Several appear in the Changeling trilogy.
  • Grand Theft Me: The villain of the second book in the Changeling trilogy.
  • I Know Your True Name: The power of true names is a recurring concern in the Changeling trilogy.
  • Lightspeed Leapfrog: In "On the Road to Tarsus", a group of colonists is sent by long-range teleportation to the planet Tarsus, thirty light years from Earth, which means the teleporter signal will take thirty years to get there. While it's still en route, someone back on Earth invents FTL Radio, cutting the journey to a matter of days and allowing another group of colonists to be sent and the colony established years ahead of schedule. As the story closes, the planet is preparing itself for the imminent arrival of the original colonists-to-be.
  • Space Opera: The Evergence trilogy.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: The consequences of a particular teleportation system are explored in depth in the novel The Resurrected Man and the short stories collected in A View Before Dying.
  • True Sight: In the Changeling trilogy, Adi gains this after she dies and is revived, being able to see through illusions and see spirits.

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