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Creator: Paul Naughton
Paul Naughton a.k.a. Stellar Magic is an Alternate History, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Space Opera author from nowhere a.k.a. Fremont, Nebraska. His interests include science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy, mythology, history, alternate history, aviation, technology, role-playing games, online gaming, simulations, anime, and underwater basket weaving.

Original Series with a page on this wiki:

Other Original Series include:

  • A Fox's Tale
  • The Greatest Game

Published Media Tie-In stories:

Fan Works with a page on this wiki:

Other Fan Works include:

  • DC Universe Fanfiction:
    • Titans Broken
  • Full Metal Panic Fanfiction:
    • Sword and Shield
  • Harry Potter Fanfiction:
    • Son of Prongs

Tropes in Paul Naughton's work (only include if they appear in at least two of his works, or if the work doesn't have its own page):

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