Creator: Paul Naughton

Paul Naughton a.k.a. Stellar Magic is an Alternate History, Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Space Opera author from nowhere a.k.a. Fremont, Nebraska. His interests include science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy, mythology, history, alternate history, aviation, technology, role-playing games, online gaming, simulations, anime, and underwater basket weaving.

Original Series with a page on this wiki:

Other Original Series include:

  • A Fox's Tale
  • The Greatest Game

Published Media Tie-In stories:

Fan Works with a page on this wiki:

Other Fan Works include:

  • DC Universe Fanfiction:
    • Titans Broken
  • Full Metal Panic Fanfiction:
    • Sword and Shield
  • Harry Potter Fanfiction:
    • Son of Prongs

Tropes in Paul Naughton's work (only include if they appear in at least two of his works, or if the work doesn't have its own page):

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