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Creator: Graffiti Entertainment
Graffiti Entertainment is a small American video game publisher. It has released several games since 2008, most of them appearing on the Nintendo DS. As of 2011, Graffiti has stopped publishing games on consolesnote , shifting its attention to the mobile market with the occasional iPhone game release.

Video games developed or published by Graffiti:

  • Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II (PSP)
  • Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled (DS)
  • C.O.R.E. (DS)
  • Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans (DS, Wii, PC)
  • HTR High Tech Racing (standard and HD versions) (iPhone/iPod1)
  • Jakers! Let's Explore (PC, Wii)
  • Mazes of Fate (DS2)
  • Reader Rabbit 1st Grade (Wii, iPhone/iPod3)
  • Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade (Wii, iPhone/iPod3)
  • Reader Rabbit Kindergarten (DS, Wii)
  • Reader Rabbit Preschool (Wii)
  • Rogue Trooper: Quartz Zone Massacre
  • Shepherd's Crossing (PSP)
  • Shepherd's Crossing 2 (DS)
  • Windy X Windam (DS)

1 - publishing rights lost; re-published in 2013 by QUbyte Interactive
2 - Updated Re-release of Mazes of Fate on Game Boy Advance
3 - no longer available on iTunes store
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