Creator / Demonic Jack

"Nobody can handle it!"

DemonicJack is a Let's Player on YouTube who has played various games for a variety of platforms. He is also developing a game, entitled Project: Dark World. So far during three videos, he has had a friend of his that he called Dark play along side him. His channel can be found here. He encourages viewers to send in messages and questions through his email,

Tropes that apply to him and his videos:

  • Anti-Climax Boss: During what he refers to as the 'ultimate run' of The Binding of Isaac, Jack managed to obtain and utilize Tammy's Head will playing as Azazel. Every boss from then on, including the final bosses, were taken down in one hit.
    Jack: Look at all that damage! Nobody can handle it! NOBODY CAN HANDLE IT!
  • Audience Participation: Jack, unlike most streamers, always keeps the comments and viewer count onscreen. Every time a person joins, he tells them to speak freely, and he will answer the moment he sees it. So far, nobody has taken advantage of this to be mean.
    Jack: Oh, somebody's watching! Type a message. Say whatever you want, it's on the screen.
  • Crazy Awesome: That guy who would show up and destroy him in Titanfall 2
    Commenter: Does this guy just show up and drink your orange juice?
    Jack: *Laughs* Yes, Death Reaper will show up and chug the whole fucking carton.
  • Cross Player: Jack, upon unlocking Eve, seemed rather excited. He then remarked that it was one of his favorite characters.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Late in this stream, a viewer joined, causing both Jack and his friend Dark to exclaim happily. They left several moments later, causing Jack to mention this trope by name.
  • Groin Attack: During his Titanfall gameplay, he often mentions these.
    Jack: Look at him, all smug up in that tower. I'm going to hit him in his balls. Teach him a lesson for sniping.
  • Hope Spot: Several times during his Titanfall 2 videos, he manages to get the top score. Of course, that usually ends with him sounding sad that somebody has surpassed him.
    Jack: Oh, fuck yeah! First place, baby! Nobody's gonna take that away from me!
  • One of Us: He uses several commonly used tropes to describe himself and his reaction to certain moments in games.
  • Running Gag: His lack of skill at every game he has played. He even makes a point to open certain videos with statements such as
    Jack: Greetings, this is Demonic Jack, and I'm terrible at this game.
  • Thanking the Viewer: During This stream, Jack could see that a viewer had made an XD emoticon. His first reaction was to smile and thank him for laughing.
    Jack: As long as you're laughing. There wouldn't be a point to my streams if nobody smiled.