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Characters: Touhou
Fanart depicting all Touhou characters up through Subterranean Animism.
This is a guide to the Loads and Loads of Characters from the Bullet Hell computer game series Touhou Project and related official works.

Character sheets:

  • Touhou PC 98 — Covers characters that debuted in Highly Responsive to PrayersCharacters , Story of Eastern WonderlandCharacters , Phantasmagoria of Dim. DreamCharacters , Lotus Land StoryCharacters , and Mystic SquareCharacters .
  • Touhou Windows One — Covers characters that debuted in Embodiment of Scarlet DevilCharacters , Perfect Cherry BlossomCharacters , Immaterial and Missing PowerCharacters , Imperishable NightCharacters , and Phantasmagoria of Flower ViewCharacters .
  • Touhou Windows Two — Covers characters that debuted in Mountain of FaithCharacters , Scarlet Weather RhapsodyCharacters , Subterranean AnimismCharacters , Undefined Fantastic ObjectCharacters , HisoutensokuCharacters , Double SpoilerCharacters , Ten DesiresCharacters , and Hopeless MasqueradeCharacters 
  • Touhou Windows Three — Covers characters that debuted in Double Dealing CharacterCharacters 
  • Touhou Other Official Works — Covers characters that debuted in a non-game work.Characters 

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