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Characters: The Stoneheart Trilogy
The characters of The Stoneheart Trilogy:

George Chapman

I just want this all to be over. I just want to go home.

George is a twelve year old boy whose small act of breaking the head of a stone dragon causes the statues of London to begin to awaken once more.

Edie Laemmel

Don't be sorry for me. Don't treat me like I'm soft. And don't like me.

A stubborn girl who is George's age and also sees the statues, Edie is a glint — a being that often brings bad luck and can witness the past.

Jagger (The Gunner)

I'm not paid to miss. I'm the Gunner.

The Gunner is a statue of a bronze soldier and a spit. He takes George under his wing and attempts to help him stop the taints that are trying to murder him.

The Walker

No, it's not. Not for you. Nothing is ever going to be okay.

The antagonist of the story who desires the Heart Stone.

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