Characters / The Reason Why

Character Sheet for The Reason Why.

Allura McCoy

An old woman with a troubled past and a vendetta to settle. She's uncomfortable with keeping Nadimia with her, especially due to Chrissie.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: She's the Princess Allura, albeit greatly changed from those days long ago. For one thing (as mentioned in "Darkness"), she was forced to watch her parents being murdered.
  • My Girl Is a Slut: She can't even seem to rein in her own daughter, although this is nowhere near being her fault.
  • My Girl Is Not a Slut: What people think Allura thinks, since she seems unable to pull her daughter in.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Looks to be in her mid-40s (mid-20s in her costume), but is really much older.
    "...and I am most certainly too old for school."
  • Took a Level in Badass: She's been through quite a bit, which has battered and hardened her.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Lilac, to be specific, although this isn't her natural color.

Chrissie MaCockenshipiel

Allura's daughter. Although on the surface she appears to be a sweet, kind girl, she has a very foul mind and is prone to saying something provocative at any moment...although by this point life in general is taking a toll on her.

  • Broken Bird: While Chrissie has had a super-dirty persona for at least 200 years (a highly-unusual torture gave her said personality, although the change wasn't made clear until she was rescued afterward), she believes she wasn't meant to live for as long as she has (982 years). According to the author, these feelings can be traced back to The Grand Eulogy, where she appears extremely briefly and never interacts with the author himself.
  • Curse Cut Short: Several times, a particularly dirty phrase or word will be cut off.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Implied that this is how she copes with her myriad problems or at least, the ones her mother doesn't know of.
  • Medium Awareness / Fourth-Wall Observer: Chrissie nearly calls herself a character during "Home", getting as far as "cha—" before correcting herself and saying "person". Allura doesn't seem to notice this, though that's probably because she has more important things to think about at the moment.
  • Ms. Fanservice / Fan Service With A Smile: If she's giving Fanservice, chances are pretty good she knows about it.
  • I'm A Slut!: She will talk innocently and sweetly about butterflies, then (in the same voice!) ask someone a really dirty question, such as whether they've done the Venus Butterfly. And she has no reservations about talking that way.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Chrissie adds up her age in bunches during "Home", arriving at 982. She then rocks back and forth, sobbing and murmuring about how "I wasn't meant to live this long".
  • Too Kinky to Torture: To the point where Allura can't administer motherly punishments because Chrissie likes it.

Nadimia T.K. Davola

A young girl, age eight, who appears to be naive and unassuming (although she is, to an extent) but in fact has a very strange set of parents...

  • Has Two Mommies: Her parents are Naida and Nanami. The mere fact that she mentions her parents causes Allura to nearly collapse.
    Allura: Th-the casket, it....I saw it myself.... it was g—-glass.......she stared right through me............
  • Moe
  • Only Sane Girl: She approaches the whole situation very calmly. Perhaps too calmly...

The Boss

An unknown entity who Allura and Chrissie work for, and a rather sadistic man. He speaks briefly in "Reasons", but in "Home" phones Allura's home to order the pair and Nadimia to his headquarters.

  • The Faceless: Only one light is in his office, positioned in such a way that his face can't be seen from any angle. Turns out, he doesn't have a face - he's an Auton.

Richard Dawkins

A guard who works for the Boss, appearing in Chapter 4 and the Epilogue. He and Allura seem to know each other.

Wo (no last name given)

One of the Boss' other employees, though she doesn't seem to have any emotions at all.

  • Just Following Orders: Uses this as justification for Allura's killing of the Super Stadium attendance shortly into Chapter 5, as "Sir Delucco" (Marber Delucco, a local drug king) had paid the Boss to set it up. Allura, disgusted at all of this (particularly because she had been forcibly injected at the end of Chapter 4 and had killed these people unknowingly), shoots Wo in the head...which doesn't work.


A talking pink cat who was pulled from a place called "the Void" by the poison injected into Allura near the start of Chapter 5. Appears until the next-to-last chapter.