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Tensou Sentai Goseiger Character sheet.

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     The Goseigers 

Alata/Gosei Red | Actor: Yudai Chiba

Eri/Gosei Pink | Actor: Rika Satoh

Agri/Gosei Black | Actor: Kyosuke Hamao

Moune/Gosei Yellow | Actor: Mikiho Niwa

Hyde/Gosei Blue | Actor: Kento Ono

Magis/Gosei Green (deceased) | Actor: Yousuke Ito

Gosei Knight | Voice Actor: Katsuyuki Konishi

    Their allies 

Nozomu Amachi | Actor: Sakuya Nakamura

Professor Shuichiro Amachi | Actor: Louis Yamada LIII

Datas | Voice Actor: Kouki Miyata

  • Mecha Expansion Pack: Compatible with the Hyper Change Headder.
    • Can also combine with Gosei Great to form Hyper Gosei Great, or with the Mystic Runner (as another head) for Mystic Datas Hyper, a helicoptor-like flight mode.
  • Multiform Balance: In his first giant battle, Hyper form was used for it's raw power, while his normal robot form was used for speed.
  • Power Fist: Hyper fights with his boxing gloves, and combining with the Mystic Runner gives him Eggshell-Headder fists.
  • Robot Buddy
  • Super Mode: Datas Hyper
  • Team Pet
  • Transforming Mecha
  • Verbal Tic: ~desu!


Buredoran of the Comet/Chupacabra/Cyborg/Chimatsuri/Brajira of the Messiah | Voice actor: Nobuo Tobita

The show's longest-lasting villain and provider of the Bibi Bugs.

     Warstar (Epics 1-16) 

Mons Drake | Voice actor: Shozo Iizuka

Dereputa of the Meteor | Voice Actor: Rikiya Koyama

     Yuumajuu (Epics 17-32) 

Makuin of the Blob | Voice actor: Chafurin

  • Disc Two Final Boss
  • Villainous Friendship Yuumajuu: A Type 1 with his second, Kinggon. They have a hefty amount of respect for one another, and dialogue between the two implies they've been life-long friends. They brag about it to Buredoran after they foil his scheme to split them up.
  • Humans Are Bastards: He tells the Goseigers this in a Breaking Speech to them in the middle of a battle. However, Nozumu manages to snap them out of their broken stupor.
  • Meaningful Name: His namesake is The Blob (1958). Rendered in Japanese, of course.
  • Silly Walk: A rare live-action example. He just seems to shuffle around whenever is lower half isn't on-screen, and tends to spin in a circle as he walks around someone else.

Kinggon of the Bigfoot | Voice Actor: Kousuke Takaguchi

     Matrintis (Epics 33-44) 

Robogog of the Genius | Voice Actor: Jurota Kosugi

  • Bad Boss: While the other villans certainly weren't opposed to hurting their own minions, Robogog takes it to a whole new level. If any of his Matoroids fail him in even the smallest degree, he flies into a blind rage, stomping them, electrocuting them, and calling them "low-spec trash". If he doesn't decide to kill them right then and there, he'll attach a bomb to their body and threaten to blow them up if they fail him again. Justified since Robogog believes that fear is the most efficient way to rule others.
  • Disc Three Final Boss
  • Insane Troll Logic: When Metal Alice brought Buredoran back because his conversion was unstable, he punished Metal Alice with his Punishment Bomb for not staying to finish off the Goseigers, claiming that retreating for repairs was an irrational decision.
  • Never My Fault: He always pins the failure of his plans on the matoroids that carry them out. He conveniently ignores the fact that, since he personally builds all of his matoroids, faulty construction might be a factor...
  • Punny Name: His title 'Tensai/Genius' is written as '10sai' to highlight his mastery over 10 special skills.
  • Unwitting Pawn: He ruined everything by resurrecting Buredoran.
  • Was Once a Man: He was originally a human scientist before transferring his mind into a robot body.

Metal Alice of the Agent | Voice Actress: Marina Inoue