Characters / Suikoden III

All spoilers are unmarked.
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Stars of Destiny


    Nash Latkje 

    Caesar Silverberg 

    Jimba / Wyatt Lightfellow




    Bazba and Shiba 

    Yuiri and Yumi 












    Sanae Yamamoto 


    Belle and Gadget Z 









    Fred Maximillian and Rico 


  • Blindfold Of Power: Well, it's a mix between an eyepatch and blindfold since you can still see one eye.
  • Evil Laugh: A very creepy "Yuh huh huh..."
  • Expy: Of Sid from the second game. Some fans wonder if they're the same person.
  • Luck-Based Mission: He randomly joins in battle if you wander a specific area with an open slot in your party. You can get him without meaning to in the very first battle, or you can spend over an hour running in circles without success.
  • Sinister Scythe: He wields a scythe and uses it accordingly.
  • Winged Humanoid







An aristocrat from Gregminster, Toran Republic. Six years ago, he won a male beauty contest hosted by Vincent De Boule. The prize was the rose brooch he wears on his chest.

    Wan Fu 



    Rhett and Wilder