Characters / Kira Is Justice

This is the character sheet for the Fan Fic series Kira Is Justice.

It is under construction. Please add characters and tropes.SPOILERS ahead!

Justice "Justin" Peterson:

Justin is a shy, sixteen-year high schooler who finds a Death Note dropped by Landras. He uses it and become the next Kira. Unlike Light, he doesn't seem to have any malice...yet.


Near (The Third L):

Near is L in the year 2014 because the original died in Death Note. Being the greatest detective in the world, he goes after Kira.



O is (yet) another Wammy House Kid out for L. His goal is to expose L as not being the original, and then taking his place. Almost nothing about O is known.



Fiona is a ten-year girl who is O's partner, and another graduate of the Wammy House, with the letter F. She has five split personalities, and has a screw loose. She speaks mostly in bold...


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