Characters / Inca Mythology

A page for the various gods, creatures, and people told of in Inca Mythology

Viracocha ("Sea Foam")

  • The Maker: The originator in the pantheon, the one who created everything and the father or grandfather of most of the gods.
  • Land, Sea, Sky: Being a creator, these three tend to be his go-to power sets, seen as coming from the sea
    • Taken for Granite: He created people by doing the opposite of this... but was more than willing to turn someone BACK to stone if he wanted to...
  • Tender Tears: Viracocha was filled with infinite compassion for humans, and as such was seen as constantly weeping for the cruelties men heaped upon one another.

Cochamama ("Ocean Mother")

Inti ("Sun")

Mama Quilla ("Moon Mother")

Pachacamac ("Earth Mover")

Pachamama ("Earth Mother")


Illapa ("Thunder")