Characters / Fate/Distorted Memoria

This is a list of characters from Fate/Distorted Memoria. Still a work in progress for now guys~.

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General tropes for Masters.

  • Kid with the Leash - The Kids are the Masters. [In Comparison to their Servants, at least.]
  • Kung-Fu Wizard - Several.
  • Magic Knight
  • Mundane Utility - Most spells are actually based in "mundane" utility, that just happens to be good for combat.
  • Squishy Wizard - Averted except against Servants. Most Masters are actually surprisingly competent in combat, given that they should all be Scientists.


General tropes for Servants


General tropes for Sabers

Arturia Pendragon

"From this time forth, my sword shall be with you and your fate shall be with me"

The King of Knights, and the only child of Uther Pendragon, Saber is the legendary King Arthur, wielder of the holy sword Excalibur. Following the conclusion of the Fifth Heaven's Feel, Arturia has remained in the world as Rin Tohsaka's familiar. With the advent of the Sixth Heaven's Feel, she has returned to fulfilling her role as a Servant, albeit distinct from the fourteen summoned Servants.
Arturia Tropes Go Here.

Genghis Khan

"Quote Goes Here"

Description Goes here.
Genghis Khan Tropes Go Here.


"In the chance there is a next time. If there is an opportunity to restore my honor - a second life - then at that time I will devote my everything to the king..."

Description Goes here.
Gawain Tropes Go Here.


General tropes for Archers


"All the evils in the world'? Bring thrice as much if you want to stain me!"

Description Goes here.
Gilgamesh Tropes Go Here.


"I am the bone of my sword."

Description Goes here.
EMIYA Tropes Go Here.


General tropes for Lancers

Cu Culainn

"Heroes always die because of unreasonable orders."

Description Goes here.
Cu Culainn Tropes Go Here.


"Quote Goes Here"

Description Goes here.
Aias Tropes Go Here.


General tropes for Riders

Khalid bin Al-Waleed

"Quote Goes Here"

Description Goes here.
Khalid Tropes Go Here.

Edward Teach [Blackbeard]

"Quote Goes Here"

Description Goes here.
Edward Teach Tropes Go Here.


General tropes for Casters


"Whomsoever pulleth this sword from the stone shall be the rightful King of Britain!"

Description Goes here.
Merlin Tropes Go Here.


"Quote Goes Here"

Description Goes here.
Ostanes Tropes Go Here.


General tropes for Berserkers


"I shall gain glory or die."

Description Goes here.
Beowulf Tropes Go Here.



Description Goes here.
Hercules Tropes Go Here.


General tropes for Assassins


"Quote Goes Here"

Description Goes here.
Autolycus Tropes Go Here.


"Quote Goes Here"

Description Goes here.
Hawwah Tropes Go Here.