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Throughout the four threads seen so far called "Enter the Arena... As Your Avatar!" there have been many, many contestants. While the actual number is no doubt far less than more famous games, there is still an appreciable multitude. Here are some of them (in alphabetical order, and with avatars listed in order of first appearance):

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    Anne Beeche: 

Anne Beeche started playing in v3 with Jack Clive, and has been playing on and off ever since. She tends to use left-handed characters since she's left-handed herself, and she's very particular about both location and detailed description of the action. Getting shot doesn't cut it for her—She has to know where she got shot, with what kind of ammunition, from what direction, etc. Despite being a Large Ham in real life, most of the characters she plays tend to keep a low profile. Close-combat melee fighters are her specialty.

Characters she has played as:
  • Jack Clive — An original character from Project One Fifty Four (A project of Anne Beeche's that no longer has a page). He is essentially Super Weight level 1, though has natural night vision, comparable with most animals'. Prefers lead pipes, revolvers, and shotguns. Does not know how to read. Speaks English.
  • Borghildr — Another original character, from Anne Beeche's complete rehash of Beowulf. Valkyrja, super-weight level 2. Proficient with a wide variety of weapons from the Migration period, her personal specialty being the sword. May also use spitting mead as a distraction. Is equipped with rings of strength on both feet and right hand, giving those limbs literally the strength to tear off a giant's arm. Speaks Proto-Nordic, but may come with a translator.
  • Beowulf — From the rehash, not the original. Completely unsuited for battle, but has a fantastic singing voice and a talent for the lyre. Decent with a seax when it counts (as long as he doesn't faint from the sight of blood), has a talent for rune-work. Also, left-handed. Speaks Proto-Nordic.
  • Snow Villiers — My first non-original character in the Arena. Quite easily a Super Weight level 2 with his L'cie abilities and AMP-enhanced strength. I took away Sovereign Fist and Shiva to make things fair, spells are more dynamic in what he can do with them. Has a Speaks ambiguous English.
  • Twilight Princess Link w/ Midna — Another non-original character, Super Weight level 2, is the Hero, obviously. The first time I used him, he came equipped with only the bow and arrow alongside his sword and shield. He is completely mute, Hylian is assumed to be ambiguous English.
  • Niloufar — Another character from Project One Fifty Four. Has a talent for explosives, heavy artillery, and dead-pan delivery. First time used, came equipped with an M16, revolver, and grenades.

    Anno R: 

Anno R has played in "Enter the Arena As Your Avatar (v3)", but did not play in v1 or v2. While her first avatar didn't do much fighting, it deserves mentioning that Recette's weapons dealing business did rather well in the Arena, for all that her starting stock was only standard RPG weaponry and supplies. She has played as:

Arachnos used to be a rare visitor in V4, though he's seen there more often as of recently. His most notable contribution to the game was an unauthorized boss battle against the Anti-Spiral in a scaled-down Grand Zamboa. He is also significantly involved in Devil Psyco's Army "continuity", wherein his King Sombra has taken the role of Big Bad from Porky and Pseudo Porky after the latter's Heel–Face Turn. Arachnos is fond of high-powered battles and most of his characters are very powerful. He has played as:

    Armored Fury 

    Artemis 92/Knowlessman: 

Artemis92 played in "Enter the Arena... As Your Avatar!" and "Enter the Arena... As Your Avatar (Version 2: No Supernaturals)", and started the third thread, "Enter the Arena As Your Avatar (v3)". He then ended v3 with a Boss Rush finale that culminated in an Arty vs Knowless vs players free-for-all, creating the fourth thread shortly thereafter as Knowlessman.
He has, since ending v4 with basically no fanfare, participated in Edwards Senpai's v5, but not SymeSynth's, yet.
The characters he has played as are:

  • Laeven the apprentice wizard note , in v1, v2, v3, and v4.
  • The Nac Mac Feegles in v1 note .
    • An unnamed, solitary Feegle in v3.
  • Mattias Nilsson in v2, v3, and v4.
  • Agent Carr in v2 and v3.
  • Bun-bun in v2 and v3.
  • Tip Tucker in v3 (twice).
  • A rogue Cackle in v3.
  • Mewtwo in v3 (first bossfight and finale).
  • The bridgekeeper from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in v3 (Leadup to the second bossfight).
  • Soul Edge, and possessed!Gear in v3 (second bossfight and finale).
    • Nightmare, during v3's finale (mostly because nobody fell for it the second time around).
  • Tzekel Kan in v3 (third bossfight and finale).
  • A demon ape... thing from an iPod Touch game called Temple Run in v3.
  • A Frost Troll from Skyrim, for all of about one post, in v3.
  • A Mad Prophet from Magic: The Gathering in v3 (Herald of the fourth bossfight).
  • Crona in v3 (fourth bossfight and finale).
  • Lesser A'Tuin note , in v3.
  • The Blue Novice, an OC created in MS Paint, in v4.
  • PEPSI MAAAAAN in v4.
  • The Incredible Hulk in v4.
  • Hiro the Mini Ninja in v4.
    • Shun, too, for a post or so.
  • Voldemort in v4, for all of two seconds.
  • Leif and Jessica from Hellsing in v4.
  • Some kind of mammoth skeleton with its tusks jammed in its eye sockets in v4.
  • Rusty the Rust Monster in v4.
  • Some kinda eldritch... line cloud figure thing in v4 and Edwards's v5.
  • Akton, AKA Marjoe Sue, in v4.
  • Michael and Gavin, from Achievement Hunter, in v4.
  • A rather dapper, jolly-faced OC who is as yet unnamed, in Edwards's v5.

    Black Mage Anolis 

New to v4, he started out with Mog, and has since moved on to several other characters. He is prone to use metafiction for either comedic situations or for the fights themselves. Has a habit for using the score from Radiant Silvergun as battle music.

The characters he uses are:


Burinnu has competed in all three Arenas, as various different characters. The characters she has played as are:

    Catfish 42

Catfish42 played in the first two threads, and was one of the players with the most control over the airspace. He has played:

    Chabal 2

Chabal2 has only played in "Enter the Arena... As Your Avatar!" thus far, but played for most of it, and had quite possibly the strongest avatar in v1, excepting a possible tie with MuNuXi's Ice and Fire Phoenixes. He played as:

  • Chernabog, as represented in Fantasia's Night On Bald Mountain, in v1.

    Dark Destruction 

    Devil Psyco 

Devil Psyco is a regular visitor of Enter the Arena v4. He is most notable for having a rich "continuity" (not a "plot" as the Arena does not have one) involving Walter C. Dornez, Vezon, a whole load of MOTHER series characters and an army of very varied characters. Characters he plays as or has played as include:


Dreigonix first joined in v4 Whiterun. He has a tendency to bring in a new character for every battle. And to open up with a dash-slash. Loves danmaku SHMUPs and has played several characters from such. Is now on a Brave Frontier frenzy.

Used characters:

     Fergard Stratoavis 

First appeared in Williamette Hall in v3 and has since then used a myriad of different characters. Some appeared a few times, some had only brief appearances.

Some of the more used characters in v4:

    Flanker 66

Flanker66 played in the first two threads, and played mostly air-based avatars. The characters he has played as are:

    Flash Of Sonic: 

Flash Of Sonic is a new player, joining during the intermission after the third boss fight in v3. The character he is currently playing as is:

    Foxmccloud 4387 

foxmccloud4387 joined in v4, in the middle of a fight against Godzilla. He tends to use swordsmen with more abilities than meets the eye, though he's starting to expand beyond this trope. Has formed an unofficial Friendly Rivalry with The Hobo Tortle, ever since the battle with Godzilla. Out of the five unique characters he's used, four of them have died at least once. The avatars he's used so far are:

    Gloom/Gabriel Gloom/Vox 

Gloom, AKA Gabriel Gloom, AKA Vox, has played in all three Arenas. Characters he has played as include:

     The Hail Stormer 

Inceptiond is a veteran of the Arena. He first appeared in Whiterun, in v4. During his time in the Arena, he has played as a very large assortment of characters, but these days he uses:

Ironcommando had participated very sporadically in the Arena in V4 (2 times only), but during V5, he had come in with several more characters. His characters were:

  • Calia and Amber
  • Gecko (Boss Fight)
  • SUITFALL!Thanatos
  • AU!Thanatos
  • Thanatos Jet(s) (Boss Fight)
  • Procyon
  • Traveller
  • Gerb
  • Moonflower and her children
  • Mosquitron (Boss Fight)
  • Rosie, Brett, Conrad and Allison
  • RAYZER and Lumina Augoeides
  • Alesia
  • Mr Fairwell and Miss Fairwell
  • Evan Alto
  • Mari Nakagawa
  • "Feena"
  • Elia Rayfer and Eila Rayfer
  • Aria Xenon

     Jonathanscarlet TVT 
JonathanscarletTVT joined in v4 in the middle of the Army continuity arc, mainly at the behest of Arachnos who mentioned it to him and beseeched him to join. In comparison to Arachnos's high-power characters, Jonathan seems to have characters that are at varying levels of power, though they tend to be Original Characters rather than established ones.

He has played the following:

     josh 6243 

    Maple Platoon 

A new player, Maple Platoon joined just in time to participate in the fourth bossfight. So far, she has played as:

    Micool TNT 

Originally joining in v4, he was at first seen playing the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha leads, as well as the Puella Magi from his modified, post-happy-ending continuity. This includes the OC Puella Magi Isaki, as well as her Witch FormCyberna the Wireframe Witch, and their Fusion Dance Isana.

Since then, inspired by the Metatron subplot originally started by Questor, he has also created and frequently plays the Metatron-enhanced Numbers Combat Cyborgs Alpha and Omega, as well as the dangerous and zealous Magical Orbital Frames ANKO and MIKI... and now their newest convertee SAKI.

He also has a couple more OC's, including the ambiguous, fun-loving "party girl" Arisa and the rugged Fenix, and has hinted there are more on the way...


Plumbum started the first thread, "Enter the Arena... As Your Avatar!", and has competed as many different characters in all three. Plumbum is a bit of a lurker, since timezone issues make him 5-8 hours ahead of the mostly American posters. Will change characters in a heartbeat, but tends for humans, or humanoid characters that have some hand-to-hand skills or are just plain unique note , reason being that just 'popping off a couple of shots in your direction' just isn't personal enough. He has to be there, in your face, kicking your ass arse. Is not a big fan of clinical precision or the use of maps. Intended to use Johnny Cage as the victim of Soul Edge, but gypped. Characters he has played as are:

    Rallyfan 9000

Rallyfan9000 played in the first thread, and started the second thread, "Enter the Arena As Your Avatar (Version 2: No Supernaturals)". He played mostly air-based avatars.

    Randomman 5 

Randomman5 joined in v3 (specifically, in Williamette Mall) and quickly became a regular in the Arena. Character preferences are all over the place, aside from an overabundance of Capcom characters.

Has played as (in no particular order):


     Robot Tophat 
Robot Tophat joined during V4 when it was Kirin Var and has continued playing in the spinoff. Started with an automaton from Final Fantasy Tactics. He mostly uses video game characters from different franchises (mostly from RPG games), some OCs and few joke characters of lethal variety.

May also hold one of the bigger loss records among the players.

Characters used:

    Mobile Leprechaun 
Mobile Leprechaun first appeared fairly recently in v3. She really needs to get better at the whole "you're supposed to fight" thing.

Characters used:


Strigon is one of the tropers responsible for escalating Enter the Arena v2 into an army-against-army fight and bringing an airforce of OC's into the fray. Really wishes that he, Flanker and Rallyfan would fight an epic air-to-air battle.

So far, he's played as:


SymeSynth is one of the newcomers of v4, known for using a massive array of Original Characters and establishing inter-character continuities before finally making a bigger mark in the Arena by starting one of the spinoffs soon after the closing of v4. He is responsible for the Summoners, a group of mages, and several Joke Character appearances, among many, many others.

He is also quite notorious for making his characters suffer in quick succession.

Several non-Original Characters he uses include:


TARDISES is a relative newcomer to the Arena, although he had lurked for some time before joining, and had read the thread up to that point. He wasn't too sure about joining at first, being unsure about what characters to use. That quickly changed - the common theme for him now seems to be characters that can fly and fire projectiles, although he did consider using the Doomguy. Both characters he's used so far have used drills at least once, with No Legs looting his from a Big Daddy, his second kill in the Arena.

Thus far, he has played as:

  • No Legs the Cat in V3. At first he couldn't even speak, learning to in the pages leading up to the second boss battle. Inventory note  contains a shard of Soul Edge, obtained as loot in the second boss battle, and the aforementioned drill.
  • Iku Nagae in v3. Her inventory is currently blank.

    The Great Duck AKA Powerful Kyurem 
(in chronological armor according to narrative)

  • PowerfulKyurem;The Boldergeist;Volvagia;The Dark Star;Missing Mewtwo;Primal Dialga;The Five Bad Band: The monstrous kyurem. Generally became a boss battle-ish thing as kyurem seperated. It degraded as the individual entities started to backstab each other. Primal Dialga Vs. Kyurem so to speak.
  • Typhon V1: Typhon originally appeared as a regular arena newcomer crashing through from the Gender Flipped game. He was later revealed to be serving PowerfulKyurem /himself/ in a master plan attempt to take over the arena. He was killed by Meta Knight. He tended to sit around eating beans to fuel his intentionally burning body most of the time.
  • PowerfulKyurem;Master Hand;Crazy Hand;Breaker Of The Fourth Wall: Originally intended to be a boss battle to end the Porky subplot, but Knowless Man immediately nerfed it and I became a regular person. I basically hid in a tank for a while and then went inactive. I later reappeared under a new name, ready to begin my plans anew...

  • Faceless Man: a generic half-broken spambot from the good old days based off of the default user avatar. It primarily demands that people "BUY UGG BOOTS" as well randomly malfunctioning and doing all sorts of insane completely illogical things.
  • The Newcomer: A mysterious armored person. It was alluded to being remote-controlled, but beyond that, nothing is mentioned. Typhon also appeared in similar armor before he released his fury. Another Newcomer in armor was shown to be the leader of the Wither Jockeys searching for Mario and Steve.
  • Mario;Steve;Army Of Wither Jockeys: Mario appeared in the arena at first. He was searching for the murderer of Bowser, a supposed lizard of some form. After eating a mega mushroom while randomly fighting Loki for practice, Mario stormed off south of the arena to Bowser's Castle. This was the first time that someone had left the arena short of gender flipped characters arriving there. After searching around Bowser's Castle, Mario discovered that the place was overrun with Wither Jockeys. Meanwhile, Steve appeared in the arena chased by a squad of Wither Jockeys. Mario eventually made his way back north and him and steve waited there. Meanwhile, in the castle's throne room, an external cutscene showed a person in Bowser's Throne Room in the same of the Newcomer. This other (or same) 'Newcomer' was shown to be commanding the Wither Jockeys. Eventually (after some practice battle), Mario and Steve vanished without a trace...
  • Typhon V2;Storm Giant;Horseman Of Pestilence: Typhon reappeared as a monstrous fiend with double swords and exoskeletal armor. After being defeated somewhat, he put on armor similar to The Newcomer's. Eventually he appeared to give up. This is when the armor exploded and the full force of Typhon was unleashed. The massive tornado began to rip everything apart, but temporarily left right away. When it did return, Typhon became the sole subject of a 4 hour+ EPIC Boss Battle along with poisonous rainfall, blasts of lighting, and a stupid Groot-looking-thing who thought it was brilliant to ''charge'' a ''tornado''. Typhon started with 100 Health. After losing 80, the tornado (but not the storm or rain) subsided into Typhon atop a white horse. With his crossbow, he began to assault Loki and Ler with bolts of lightning. Eventually, they managed to cut Typhon in half with a beam from his scepter leaving Loki with the bow. With that final blow, Pestilence was defeated, the arena was saved, and Typhon is unlikely to ever return...

    The Hobo Tortle 

A relatively new troper, The Hobo Tortle first appeared in v4, playing as Calvin and Hobbes. Ever since, he has now become a semi-regular fighter, and has played a myriad of characters. He has formed an unofficial Friendly Rivalry with foxmccloud4387, ever since the battle with Godzilla. Is known for playing really huge fighters, especially the Colossi.

Characters played so far:


Old guard. Stopped playing for a while, but now runs the sixth Arena in Forum Games. Roster will be updated over time hopefully.


A troper who appeared in V4 of the Arena. He is notorious for his use of Joke Characters and inanimate objects. He is also the second GM of the Arena spinoff.

Characters he uses:

  • The Damascus family (OCs)
  • various organs, most notorious being the LIVER!
  • Tons of Joke Characters.

Here is a list of players who are currently active in the Spinoff Arena. A work in progress.

     Aqueous Bunnies 

     Baron Green 

     Bolded 1 

     Ghost Elm 

     Darkness Awaits 

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