Characters / Abnormal Kei Joshi

Shinya Shina

A Highschool student who hates women. He has a good reason to.

Tropes associated with Shinya Shina

Tsubasa Tooka

A popular girl at school who happens to be Shinya's stalker.

Tropes associated with Tsubasa Tooka

Banjo Yoriko

A Bookish Girl Who follows Shinya with surprising accuracy.

Tropes associated with Banjo Yoriko

Shikimura Masami

A Quiet girl who has roped Shinya into BDSM sessions with her.

Tropes associated with Shikimura Masami

Ikari Satsuki

A Childhood friend of Shinya who left town and came back after ten years. Also the town's most notorious serial killer.

Tropes associated with Ikari Satsuki

Okui Akane

A girl who claims to be a vampire.

Tropes associated with Okui Akane

Uchida Yumeji

A girl who sleeps in the nurses office nearly all day. Shinya brings newspapers to her.

Tropes associated with Uchida Yumeji

Mitane Mei

Shinya's sister. Serious brocon.

Tropes associated with Mitane Mei

  • Big Brother Attraction
  • Yandere: The only straight example so far.
    • To explain, She wrecked Shinya's room when Masami called the answering machine, restricts Shinya's contact with women to only Satsuki and regularly checks Shinya's contacts.