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Catchphrase: Film Animated
An alphabetical list of musical catch phrases:


  • Despicable Me: Light bulb.
  • Frozen: "Wait, what?" This was actually a case of Throw It In on Kristen Bell's part, since she says the phrase a lot in real life.
  • The animated film Igor has "PULL THE SWITCH!"
  • Baloo the Bear: You better believe it!
  • Ducky from The Land Before Time had "Yep, Yep, Yep!" It was carved on Judith Barsi's headstone.
  • Meet the Robinsons: Wilbur is fond of catch phrases, including "That is an excellent question," and "Wilbur Robinson never fails." Possibly even "I've got it under control," though he may only be trying to convince himself with that one.
    • And of, course, the film's mantra, "Keep moving forward."
  • Rio: Pretty bird.
  • In The Thief and the Cobbler, Zig-Zag seems incapable of entering the throne room without saying "Have no fear! I, Zig-Zag, your Grand Vizier, am here!"
  • Wreck-It Ralph:
    • Ralph: "I'm gonna WRECK it!"
    • Felix: "I can fix it!"
    • Nicelanders: "Fix it, Felix!"
    • King Candy: "Have some candy."
    • Turbo: "Turbo-tastic"
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    • Pooh: "Oh, bother."
    • Piglet: "Oh d-d-d-dear."
    • Tigger: "Hello, I'm Tigger!" and "TTFN, ta-ta for now!"
    • Eeyore: "Thanks for noticin' me."
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