Batman Gambit / Web Animation

  • The Big Bad of Broken Saints plays with this a bit: He sends out early test signals of the transmission he plans to use to Take Over the World (sort of), knowing that there will be those who receive it and make the pilgrimage from wherever they live to his Evil Tower of Ominousness. The inquisitive minds who would accomplish such a journey are exactly the people he wants as his first apostles, to help him spread his gospel further. It makes more sense in context.
  • A Crowning Moment of Awesome in If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device is the Emperor taking back his Magnificent Bastard title with one of those. Needing to get rid of Inquisition's worst members, he orders the Inquisition disbanded, knowing that those truly loyal to him and his job will carry on, while those deranged will come and storm the Eternity Gate to "rescue" him. Then he has Magnus on hand at all times so that when he tells Karamazov to charge him, Magnus snaps and teleports them all to the Warp, handily solving the problem. And given how this ended up, he may not be done yet...
  • Mackenzie Zales pulls off one that sets in motion the end of Season 3 and the events of Season 4 in The Most Popular Girls in School. Her plan involved her best friend Brittnay Matthews, the Greater-Scope Villain Jenna Darabond and the former Alpha Bitch Cameron Van Buren. It involved burning Brittnay's car so she would blame Jenna and punch her in the face, thus causing a parent-teacher meeting to which she knew Shay's mother wouldn't attend, so she called Shay's sister, Cameron and Jenna's father, knowing she would seduce him. Later, she took Deandra's robotic arm and falsely tried to break Jenna and Justin off, making her admit she already confessed all her crimes to him, including burning the mall, which she recorded with Deandra's arm's voice recorder. Ultimately, when Cameron's and Jenna's father's relationship came to light, he resigned of his post as Senator, leaving Jenna without her political protection and getting arrested for arson.
  • In appropriate fashion, Joker pulls one on Sweet Tooth in Death Battle. At Sweet Tooth's mercy, Joker persuades him to get out of his armored ice cream truck turned mech, and gut him with his own hands through a speech that exploits his love of suffering. But just as Sweet Tooth is ready to finish him off, Joker whips out some of his lethal laughing gas, causing them to laugh hysterically as the former dies slowly, apparently leaving his face a permanent smile behind his already grinning mask.
  • Dreamscape: In "Over and Under", the Overlord of Evil wanted Drake and Keedran to attack him until he was annihilated, this temporarily unbound him from his Power Nullifier Sealed Evil in a Can, which was just enough time to brainwash Melissa into freeing him.