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BLAM: Table Top Games
Here's an easy recipe for hilarity: take a handful of gamers, add some rulebooks and lorebooks, shake in some dice (optional), and add a Big Lipped Alligator Moment or two. Season to taste.
  • The classic AD&D module "I6: Ravenloft" is a thrilling, wonderfully-planned and -mapped Gothic vampire hunt, full of genuine scares and Genre Savvy tributes to old Universal and Hammer horror films. It plays it out as straight as can be ... until you get to the underground crypts, and realize that every tomb's engraving is some Incredibly Lame Pun that wouldn't amuse a six-year-old. Definitely a this-didn't-happen for fans and designers of the later Ravenloft setting; when the module was updated and re-released as "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft", they deliberately expunged this Old Shame, making the crypts' inscriptions illegible or pun-free.
  • Magic: The Gathering has a series of cards that cause BLAM. One card turns an opponent's creature into a chicken and another causes your opponent to play with one hand behind their back. These cards are not allowed in tournament play.
  • World Of Synnibarr's entire backstory consists of these being strung together. Of note, the backstory contains a massive, reality-threatening war between gods we didn't know existed, in a dimension that was never brought up before, leading to no significant consequences, and which is then promptly forgotten about.
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