Awesome Music: Xenogears

  • Stars of Tears, which was cut from the game. This FMV was complete and on the disc, but just not naturally encountered during the game.
  • Stage of Death could easily be a boss battle theme in most JRPGs. In this one? It's the standard battle theme.
  • Most of the soundtrack, but especially "Small Two of Pieces" and "Creid."
  • For those who like darker themes, "Omen" in particular is something of a masterpiece.
    • VGM remixer Star Salzman has melded "Omen" and "Dazil: City of Burning Sands" into a dark, powerful masterwork known as "Pillar of Salt." Listen to it here.
    • And those who enjoy epic boss music should definitely check out "Awakening".
  • Flight since whenever that music plays, you know a Moment of Awesome is gonna happen. Even more awesome: It is the first (and currently only) Xenogears track to be featured on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.
  • "Light from the Netherworld," the background music to the opening movie. Incredibly eerie and chill-inducing. Even if you've never even seen the opening movie, you can tell just by listening to it that something inexplicable and unearthly is going on.
    • And now the Orchestral version is out, edited into the Opening FMV.
  • Id's theme, "The One Who Is Torn Apart." It can only be described as haunting.
  • "Bonds of Sea and Fire" is truly beautiful.
  • Thames, The Men of the Sea
  • "One Who Bares Fangs at God can ONLY be heard during the Anti-Climax Boss fight with Urobolus/Miang even though it's one of the best songs in the game. Which serves to redouble on the final battle's subversive principle — both the battle and the accompanying music are anything but the standard Final Boss fare, for dramatic purpose.
  • "Grahf, Emperor of Darkness". When this comes on, it's obvious that either a boss is about to get a powerup or you are about to have your ass kicked.
  • Emerelda's theme, June Mermaid.