Fridge: Xenogears

Fridge Brilliance
  • On my first game through Xenogears I had plenty Wall Banger and What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic? moments. However, with the gift of hindsight on the second playthrough, it suddenly made a whole lot more sense and falls into place beautifully.
  • That old Wiseman telling you he'll stop a rampaging Id from getting to you, even getting called out on it by Id... totally unbelievable, right? Till you consider that he is Grahf and thus the same person with exact same powers.
  • Realizing that the entire human race in Xenogears is was artificially created by Deus may lead to questions or Acceptable Breaks from Reality regarding how a completely isolated culture retains the same language as the humans who were onboard the Eldridgenote . Then it comes to mind that Abel was the ship's only survivor, and could have spread these cultural aspects to the Xenogears planet.
    • On the other hand, Deus may have made humans speak in the language it was programmed in.
      • The odd part is that Solarians speak their own language, and if anything you'd expect Cain and the Gazel Ministry to be the ones that would use the language Deus was programmed in.
  • Why does the super-gear Achtzehn have trouble fighting Chu-Chu, of all things? Because its main weapons are designed to jam gears' controls. Even when she grows to gear size, Chu-Chu is still an animal. She has no controls to disrupt.