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Awesome Music: TRON: Legacy
  • For starters, check out "The Game Has Changed".
  • Rinzler'stheme is just...pure awesomeness. It starts off dark and omimous and then builds into a full orchestral piece. And there's a slight variation that plays later when Quorra decides to give herself up to Big Bad Clu so Flynn and Sam have a chance to stop him.
  • There's also the awesome-sounding Fall, and the mournful Adagio For TRON.
  • That bit in C.L.U. where the music stops and hangs for a beat before returning? You can practically feel the gravity shift!
  • Disc Wars. The way the song crescendoes can, quite simply, blow your mind.
  • Don't you just want to kick the shit out of some bad guy to "Derezzed"? Or prepare for a final battle with "End Of Line"?
  • The End Credits theme certainly deserves mention.
  • "Overture". Not just the fact that it's an awesome preview of what's to come, but the fact that a movie soundtrack in the modern day has an overture is just amazing.
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