Awesome Music / Children of Time

Behold. But really, what else would a combination of Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Star Trek reboot scores be?

  • The DW Series 4 opening becomes the "opening" for a CoT season 1 episode, and the opening titles for Sherlock become the "closing credits" music.
  • Several singles become "credits" songs for episodes, including Imogen Heap's "Can't Take It In" for "Smith and Holmes" and Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" for "Child of Time".
  • "Silence in the Library" is used for Holmes's surreal first experience with the TARDIS.
  • The beautiful, contemplative "Life Among the Distant Stars" becomes Watson's theme.
  • "The Manhattan Conspiracy" and its TARDISode:
    • "Dark Times" from Sherlock's second season is used to accompany the Doctor & Co in WWII.
    • "The Lone Dalek" returns as Dalek Sec's theme.
    • The haunting "Turn Left" becomes the track for "The Burden of Seeing".
  • "Stolen" uses several tracks from "The Reichenbach Fall" — heartrendingly appropriate, considering what Holmes goes through...
  • The Season One finale:
    • The unreleased Star Trek Into Darkness track "Ode to Harrison" is utilized for Moriarty's theme.
    • "Labor of Love", the track from George Kirk's death in Star Trek, is used all too appropriately as the track for Beth's death.
    • "A Lonely Decision" is used for Holmes and Watson's split, and "The Greatest Story Never Told" for their reunion.
    • "Song for Ten (reprise)" is the music Murray Gold composed for Ten's last meeting with Rose in "The End of Time". It's used here as the Doctor's reunion with his boys.