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    Smith and Holmes 
Iím the Doctor. Thatís what I am, thatís who I am. You wouldnít want to know my Name—no one would. Iím the Doctor, because I help people. I heal them if I can. And if I fail themÖ I donít forgive myself. And I try to forget. Because if I ever, for one moment, dwelt on the pastÖ I think it would kill me.
the Doctor explains who he is to Holmes

How is it possible, Doctor, for Watson and I meeting as we did to be soÖ fundamental to the well-being ofÖ I do not even know what to call it! It seems woefully egoistic to believe oneself as anything more thanÖ an insignificant speck in the grand scheme of things.
Sherlock Holmes learns about the Fixed Points in his own timeline

the Doctor: This is not the kind of Ďadventureí Iíd choose to share with anyone. This is going to be very, very ugly.
Holmes: Is this your subtle way of telling me to leave, Doctor? I have no intention of being left behind.
the Doctor: Oh, trust me — Iím not that subtle when I tell people to leave, and I know you too well to make the attempt in your case. But I do have to warn you, Sherlock Holmes — whatever youíre about to see, youíre never going to be able to... un-see it. Any war is horrific, but this one... The nightmares it spawned... youíre never able to forget it.

    Men of England 
Just in case you were wondering, I really haven't slept since thenÖ So many years of stopping the bad guysÖ it gives you too many demons to handleÖ
the Doctor, not long after the events of "Smith and Jones"

You've seen the night sky when it's full, right? When it's brilliant and full to bursting with stars and planets and galaxies... Well, I've been to at least half of them, at any given point in Time. I've seen the beginning of the world, and I've also seen its end. And, after a very long time... it all gets to be just... stuff. You lose the wonder... Unless you're sharing it with someone.
the Doctor explains why he wants Watson and Holmes to come with him

And now I remember why I stopped bringing along male Companions.
the Doctor

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now passing through the Time Vortex. Please be aware that if you let go, TARDIS Time Lines will not be responsible for any damages incurred, thank you.
the Doctor, on Watson's first ride in the TARDIS

ďOh, you and your friend have obviously known each other for years. Mr. Holmes is a genius; you are a writer. Itís elementary, my dear Watson.
William Shakespeare invents the infamous line

Five billion years, and they still canít control the weather?
Holmes complains about New Earth

    The Manhattan Conspiracy 
Ohhh, sorry! Mustíve overshot a bit... Looks a bit... not 2010, at first glance. Letís check it out?
the Doctor and his navigational skills

Initiating genetic scan. Analysing. Conflicting data. Analysis inconclusive. What are you, female? Explain! Ex-plain!
Dalek Caan

Time is in flux, Kit. Canít you feel it? That future doesnít have to happen.
the Doctor

They always survive, while we lose everything. The only genocide on this world will be our own. Turn back now, before it is too late. But if you must have your vengeance, brother... then let the female go, and I will take her place.
Dalek Sec

    The Icarus Experiment 
Mook: You expect us to believe youíd do something that insane, Doctor, surrounded by your companions?
the Doctor: Are you willing to bet your life on the assumption that I wonít?

Still listening. You, Doctor. I hear you... Every you. All... so sad...

Do you know, Watson, before we came here, I had always been mystified as to how Tesla had managed to survive up till now in his chosen career. The man is a genius, certainly, but often lacking in self-restraint — as we have already witnessed! — and his is a profession where recklessness is usually rewarded by a flash of white light and a one-way ticket to the mortuary.The answer, however, has since become a great deal clearer. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it was staring me in the face the whole time...

Itís like I tried to tell you earlier — Iíve lived a very long time. And, sometimes, I get very, very tired. Tired of... struggling... of losing everyone that matters to me... Of watching everyone die. Even with the TARDIS around... in the endÖ Iím always alone.
the Doctor

Watch over each other... you and your Companions... for night will soon fall... and the lights must not go out... We watch over each other, Doctor — that is the point. You cannot stand alone, none of us can... Tempests must be weathered in company.

You could simply have had the TARDIS removed, Peterson, which would have stranded the Doctor in this point in Time. Instead, you decided to confront him on grounds that were not your own, despite having studied every bit of the Doctorís past available to the institute.
Torchwood's mystery man

    Child of Time 
All right, so! Got a brand-new curriculum from the board, which — I will be honest with you — is complete rubbish. I wrote more comprehensive papers in the seventh grade.
John Smith

Heís almost like a child now — is a child, really, compared to his Time Lord self...

"John... you need to understand: the Doctor isnít perfect, any more than John Smith. He will fight, yes, if there is no other optionÖ but even he cannot save everyone, every time.
Holmes, to John Smith

The world has quite enough problems Ė in any century Ė without the Great Detective attempting to learn to drive.

Itís not fair. All I ever wanted... was just a quiet, simple life. I donít want... this. Itís horrifying. Not just the deaths, the Family... but this. Turning the people around him, even children... into weapons.
John Smith

This was only ever supposed to be temporary, until the Family died — they only have another two months at most; thatís why they needed the essence of a Time Lord. Despite the Doctorís great love for humanity, I suppose he thought heíd be able to put his own aside with ease when the time came, in much the same way Holmes would a disguise. But it seems even he had no idea of just how badly he wanted to be able to stop running altogether...

He was protecting me. From what heíd done with the Family...
Beth Lestrade

Oh, didnít I tell you? Iím just the intergalactic nanny on this trip, and you twoÖ Donít argue with it — Iíve got a millenniumís worth of seniority on you. The two of you will explore, and I will simply make sure that neither of you get killed. Sound like a plan?
the Doctor

    Watson and Sparrow 


    Dynamics of a Point 

    The Dying Detective 

    Every Good Fairytale 

    Together Or Not At All 

    the TARDISodes 
Sherlock Holmes and John Watson! Hello, Iím the Doctor!
the Ninth Doctor, "A Stitch in Time"