Awesome / We're Alive

  • Burt is a walking Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • Quoting Road Warrior to tell Latch and Scratch to "Walk away. We'll spare your lives, just walk away."
    • Just before that he demonstrated his shooting skills by bullseying the mirror of a semi.
    Burt: You're right, I could never hit that big ol' rig from this distance.
    *Shoots out the side mirror*
    Burt: But Shirley here, never lies!
    • Blinding the behemoth in chapter 36 and luring it into the pit between the inner and outer gates at The Colony. Then using the gate to sever the beast's arm.
  • CJ and Scratch engaging in an epic katana vs. knife fight. The Radio Drama nature of the show makes it difficult to tell just what is happening, but just let your imagination run wild and enjoy the awesomeness.
  • Just as everything looks to be falling apart in chapter 36, here comes Michael and crew in the helicopter cutting down zombies with an M134.