Funny / We're Alive

  • This bit a dialogue from Chapter 1-2:
    Angel: Did you have to run over the Commander!?
    Saul: Um...He was in the way.
    Angel: You SWERVED to hit him!
  • From Chapter 2-3:
    Saul: If you experiment on the lady's cat, you ain't never gonna get anymore pussy...well, except that one.
  • Chapter 3-2 Saul and Angel are arguing about whether or not to help Burt:
    Saul: Whatever Michael would have done the same thing
    Angel: Well he's not here now. He's probably back at the Tower surrounded by ladies.
    (Cut to Michael and the other Tower residents besieged by zombies)
    Michael: Shoot that bitch in the face!
  • Chapter 10-1:
    Datu: You're going to bed?
    Samantha: This is more of a floor. I'm going to floor.
    • And later
    Samantha: Shut up and go back to floor!
  • Chapter 10-2:
    Angel: I am so sick of having a broken rifle!
  • Chapter 13-3 Burt give Angel a "free shot" to make up for his trying to abandon the Tower earlier. After Angel hits him and they begin to make up, Michael can be heard from an upstairs window shouting "Hit him again!"
  • Michael and Pegs trapped on a yacht in Chapter 16-3. While trying to start the yacht Michael asks Pegs if she can find a manual on how to drive the thing and she responds that she doesn't think yacht's have manuals. Later, after they crash the yacht, cue Pegs shouting:
    Pegs: Oh my God...
    Michael: What? What is it!?
    Pegs: Here's the manual!
  • From 28-1:
    Chinwe: Why would he risk being in there unless he had someone to contact?
    Saul: There could be a lot of reasons. I donít know, call for help maybe?
    Chinwe: Really? Who You Gonna Call??
    Saul: ...Ghostbusters...?