Awesome / VR Troopers

  • Tao, Ryan and J.B.'s sensei, finds a trio of Skugs breaking into his dojo. He immediately shows why Ryan and J.B. respect him as their master, despite having no powers of his own.
    • In episode 24, he challenges the group to grab a ribbon from his belt. He proceeds to school them the entire time without breaking a sweat.
  • Kaitlin doing a barehanded blade block unmorphed when Doom Master attacked her with a sword after she wandered into Grimlord's headquarters by accident (long story, watch the episode).
  • Grimlord's dragon, Decimator would usually mop the floor with Ryan Steele, but when he seemingly mortally wounded Ryan's father, a MAJOR berserk button had been pressed. Decimator soon found himself at the RECEIVING end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by Ryan Steele, the mutant was so stunned by this turn of events that he fled in terror on his go-kart saying "Um....we will meet again", in which Ryan responded with "GET BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!". After seeing Ryan search for his father for a season and seeing Decimator do that For the Evulz, you can't help but cheer when Ryan kicks his ass.
    • Also before that when Ryan would immediately use his finisher on a mutant attacking his father, previously he'd only do so as a last resort.
  • The latter portion of the Fanbot battle is this because it was the first time we thought the Troopers might lose. Battles were usually Strictly Formula, even if JB would be at the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle, he could always count on his trusty Laser Lance to finish off even the most brutal of enemies, even Mechanoid who overpowered him and Kaitlin and declared that their VR Double Team tickled (the same attack that often greatly weakens mutants). But then comes Fanbot, who seems harmless and clumsy, doing more damage to himself than the troopers are to him. But he delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to JB, Kaitlin, and Kaitlin's evil-turned-good clone. Even a three person version of the VR Double Team had no effect. So out comes the Laser Lance, except it doesn't hurt Fanbot. The fan blades nearly broke the Laser Lance during the impalement attack (which usually made a mutant surrender from the pain). The best it did was make him spark and tumble back. And then Fanbot picked up JB by his Laser Lance that he was holding onto for dear life, tossed him a great distance, and then started sucking him up preparing to kill him. So he uses the VR Technobazooka on him to finish the job, which to that point was only used for aircraft. This came from Metal Heroes footage, too, so it wasn't an American addition. Not even Queen Pandora (Desponda in VR Troopers) required the use of the Bang Bang Cannon (the Metalder name for the VR Technobazooka), so that makes this battle something special. Actually, the whole episode was awesome, as this was the B story. The A story was Ryan having to work with Grimlord to stop a time freezing device because Grimlord didn't want to rule over a place where everything always stood still.