Awesome: Tom Ska

  • Tom describing his dream funeral is both awesome and funny.
  • Stop whatever you're doing and listen to Tom's trumpet impression.
  • A very angry Tom kicking major ass in "Christmas Demolition". Special note goes to the end where he kills Santa with his own cannon.
  • The climax of "Sniper Pug", where the military team is being surrounded by enemies and it seems like all hope is lost. However, Sgt. Pugsley, who previously appeared to powerless, suddenly guns down every enemy in sight.
  • While Alice and Tom are discussing the titular hole in "The Hole", a hand comes out of it. While Alice screams and freaks out, Tom nonchalantly pulls out a gun and kills it without batting an eyelash.
  • TOMSKA GRADUATES. Saying anything more would ruin it, so you have to watch it for yourself. But if you can't, here's what happens: at Tom's graduation ceremony, the camera pans over the graduates just as Tom, in gown and everything, puts on his dubstep sunglasses.