Funny / TomSka

As Tom Ska specialises in comedy sketches, most of his work is utterly hilarious. However, there are several examples that stand out...
  • The "Banned University of Lincoln Adverts". All three of them.
  • "HOLY SHIT CATS", in all its over-the-top silliness. Tom and Jenny versus cats that shoot lasers.
    Tom: I was really drunk when I wrote this film.
  • Tom's musings on Father's Day.
    Tom: So today is Father's Day, which is the day to appreciate the man who brought you into existence by [holds head and groans loudly in disgust].
  • Coming Out is about a guy at Tom's birthday party named Jack who has a nervous condition that makes him say he's gay in a clever rhyming way whenever he enters a room and everyone tries to help him with it. The first time has him saying he hates gay people (Which is much worse), the second time has him saying nothing and making out with a guy, the third time has him coming through the window and falling through it and then just waving which is a success. It then skips to Jack and Tom getting married and it turns out the video was all about supporting gay marriage.
    • There's another guy who shows up and says he hates black people and it turns out he's just racist and spends a good part of the next scene just listing famous black people's names to Tom who looks so done with his day.
  • VIDEO GAMES ARE DUMB has many hilarious moments but the one that stands out most is the Castlevania parts where Dracula's bratty teenage daughter tries to disobey him.
    • First time.
    Dracula: Daughter you cannot go out it's past your bedtime!
    Daughter: I'll do what I want daddy!
    Daughter goes outside and it's daytime. She catches on fire.
    • Second time.
    Dracula: Daughter you cannot join a religion!
    Daughter: Don't tell me what to do daddy!
    Beat then Daughter catches on fire
    Daughter : Daddy I bought a boy home for dinner!
    Dracula: Fantastic!
    Dracula eats the boy. Beat Both of them catch on fire
  • Baby with a Gun. Tom walks out of the kitchen to discover a baby with a gun and then does a bunch of crazy hijinks in response and even ends up pointing a gun at the baby and gives the baby his gun and then gets shot by it and kicks it out. What sells the joke is the many many ways Tom says "That's a baby with a gun!" and tries and fails to reason with it.
    • Some highlights:
      • At one point, Tom is crouched on top of the kitchen counter like someone who saw a mouse. The way he says "Get out!" really sells the moment.
      • We see the apparently empty kitchen area for a moment before hearing Tom.
    Tom's voice: I'm hiding in the fridge now!
    • Tom offers to trade: Tomee Bear for the gun. As he's talking to the baby, he looks down...and the baby has another gun somehow.
    Tom: ...I'm really stupid.
    • Tom gets fed up and threatens the baby with the gun he confiscated before it occurs to him that it's just a baby. He apologizes and gives the baby his gun as compensation.
    Tom: (horrified whisper) Ohnowit'sababywithtwoguns.
  • Sniper Pug from start to finish with Tom as the Only Sane Man and it being revealed that Sargeant Pugsly is actually a Bunny-Ears Lawyer that is an amazing sniper despite being a dog with no opposable thumbs and only being there because the commanding officer couldn't afford a dog sitter. Then they all die because of a cat and a nuke.
  • Tom discovers planking. "Well, he's dead."
  • "Picture Perfect". True Art Is Indeed Angsty.
  • "I've filled the room... with tiny, razor-sharp needles..."
  • HORSE, in all it Comedic Sociopathy-filled Surreal Humor. Words cannot describe the insanity.
  • How Tom "makes" his cartoons.
  • The entirety of "The Confession".
    Jenny: Chris, we have something to tell you—
  • "EPIC GIRLFRIEND PRANKS", in all of its over-the-top and borderline socially unacceptable glory. It involves Tom pranking his girlfriend(?) Alice to shocking extents, including pieing her in the face as she is being proposed to.
    • This is then followed by her fiance chasing Tom, catching him after a short matter of time, and beating him up.
  • "STUPID JUSTIN BIEBER PARODY", in which Justin Bieber possesses the ability to time travel after a freak autotuning accident. Oh, and he time travels through his butt - to show that Justin Bieber has his head up his own arse!
  • Even though "The 7 Flaws of Tomska" is a very sad video, it's at the very least amusing to hear Tom completely deadpanning the following line when talking about his sexual insecurity:
    Tom: You'll never hear me talking about all dem hunnies I dun scored wid at da club.
  • Though it has an ending that personifies Black Comedy, the "Where's The Baby" video. It focuses around a missing baby, which would be cause for plenty of concern but you're unable to take it seriously because everyone in the video uses Baby Talk when referring to the baby.
  • I don't know, where a secret agent tries to get in on a crime boss' poker game. Problem: She doesn't know how to play poker. Not that anyone involved knows anything.
  • TOMSKA'S OLYMPICS EMPORIUM, in which Tom (wearing tattered remnants of a shirt) advertises his emporium which sells a variety of 'lympics (Brolympics, Toelympics, Nolympics, Afrolympics, Hoelympics, etc.) and gear (sharp-as-all-hell throwy stick, not drowning, balls of fire, etc).
    • "I'm just paying my way through college." "...Alright."
    • "We got plenty of some nu metal bands - Olymbizkit. Also, Limpin Park."
  • Tom's many accents and impressions. Also a CMOA.
  • Le Alien. Tom kidnaps a French person, and trying to pass him off as an alien that he has captured. Turns out he was right.
  • 17 WAYS TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Highlights include...
    • Use A Disguise:
    Brad!Tom: (in a fake-sounding accent) Hello! I am Brad, and you should break up with my brother, who is Tom.
    Brad: (in the same accent) Oh my god I do not sound like that!
    Brad!Tom: (still in the accent) Uh oh.
    • Be Dramatic:
    Tom: I can't see you anymore.
    Dodie: Why not?
    Tom: Because I have... (turns around to show that he has no eyes) NO EYES!
    Dodie: AAAA- (Smash Cut)
    • Burst.
    • The Violent Treatment
      • It was so funny even Dodie was corpsing during the sketch.
    • The Right Way... Writing a Sketch About Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend and Leave It In the Fridge For Your Actual Girlfriend to Find... and burst!
  • Baby With A Gun 2 has the titular baby, this time going up against a police negotiator. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
    • "Don't worry, Chief. There's nothing I can't handle." (Gilligan Cut) "I can't handle this."
    • "Dear Santa. I have been a good boy. I did NOT ask for this!"
    • "AAA-I'm fine. AAAAH! I'm not fine."
    • "Uh oh! Smells like someone went poopy! It was me. I'm very scared.
    Tom: If looks could kill, then you must be the Zodiac Killer! picks up conspiracy board I found you!
    Tom: Are you free tonight? because I don't have any money. gets slapped I deserve that.
    Tom: I was always told to follow my dreams, so I'm gonna follow you home.
    Tom: Who has two thumbs and a big penis? holds up hands, without thumbs and with blood squirts This guy! notices WHERE ARE MY THUMBS?!
    Tom: Do you want kids? holds bag of crying babies cause I got a whole bag of em, right here.
    Tom: Hey baby, you take my breath away. faints due to lack of oxygen
    Tom: I like my women how I like my coffee, holding a coffee and a spoon of sugar milk and two sugars, open wide. forces coffee and sugar into her mouth
    Tom: breaks an ice cube Well, now that I've broken the ice, notices he's bleeding due to breaking the ice AAAAAAAAAH!
  • HOLY SHIT CATS 2 is, well, even crazier than the prequel. Guess why.
    "Tom, this doesn't make any sense."
  • Imaginary Friend. Lily and Mr. Tibbles are best friends! Except Lily may actually be insane. And she's actually the imaginary friend in question in a world populated by cartoon animals without legs.