Awesome / Tom and Jerry Tales

  • LEAGUE OF CATS! Both Tom AND Jerry get their awesome moments in this episode. Tom for joining a gang called the League of Cats who instead of just chasing mice, they GANG UP on them, and also for almost doing Jerry in at the first time he gets ganged up. Jerry gets his for actually escaping them and starting up his OWN gang called League Of MICE and fighting back the League of Cats. The best part of it was the musical at the end, when both gangs sing on how they are better than the other gang, but however, in Jerry's case, his members actually actually snap their fingers and MORE mice come out onto the field, outnumbering the league of cats BY STORM, than proceeding to BEAT THEM UP AND TAKE THEIR GROUP OVER! This has to be seen to believed.
  • Similar to the original shorts, any of the rare occasions Tom actually wins are rather cathartic to watch. Perhaps the most stand out example is his victory in "Little Big Mouse", where, after catching on to the smaller cuter Jerry always getting away with stealing food, he hires an even smaller cuter ant to steal it back and put Jerry through the works.