Awesome / Titan A.E.

  • The best of all was the formation sequence of new Earth. And, um, the opening destruction sequence.
  • Also when Gune comes out of nowhere in his Big Damn Heroes moment yelling "I'VE FINISHED MY NAP!" It's a rare example when a Disney Death is that awesome to be noted.
    • Who's your daddy? Haha! GUNE'S your daddy!
  • Two words: Wake Angels.
  • Korso's return trip through the Heel–Face Revolving Door.
  • The utterly epic subversion of The Guards Must Be Crazy.
    • Special mention goes to them going into Akima's prison room... only to find that she has knocked out and is sitting on all of the other prisoners, completely relaxed. Keep in mind that the last time everyone saw her, she was locked in a box and terrified at the sight of so many violent-looking prisoners around her.
  • Korso dispatching Preed with a Neck Snap.