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Trivia: Titan A.E.
  • Dueling Movies: One of the most destructive duels ever, in its race to be released prior to the long-delayed Treasure Planet. Both animation teams were constantly looking over their shoulder at each other, according to Word of God:
  • Executive Meddling: Fox Animation Studios is blamed by the directors in the DVD commentary for starving the movie of both time and money, forcing them to produce a product they were not happy with; as a result the film is unfinished at best.
  • The Foreign Subtitle: As the initials for A.E. were difficult to properly translate, in some places the movie was just named Titan with the following subtitles:
    • After the Destruction of Earth (Portugal/Croatia) [a little wordy, but probably closer to the English title than the other two]
    • After Our Time (Hungary)
    • The New Earth (Poland)
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the DVD commentary, one of the directors joked about making a spin-off movie starring Gune. The other director said that he liked the idea. Of course, whether-or-not he would have followed through with it, the film's box-office failure killed any chances of that.
    • According to the DVD's behind-the-scenes special, Drew Barrymore played Akima as a more feminine and inexperienced/naive character. The directors eventually decided they weren't happy with it, and the lines were re-recorded (or, in some cases, thrown out and rewritten). In an interview, Barrymore implied that she liked the original characterization better.
    • There was originally going to be a video game based on the movie that would have come out after the movie hit theaters. At the end of the credits, there's even a brief message from the creators, telling viewers to look out for it when it hit stores. Seeing the message can be a bit baffling today, since the movie's box-office failure meant that the game never got made.

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