Awesome / The Wild Thornberrys

  • Debbie tells off some sexist surfer boys for their Stay in the Kitchen attitude towards women and takes the surfboard to catch Donnie paddling on a guitar and then shreds a wave with her and the younger boy unscathed.
  • In "Horse Sense," the Thornberrys travel to Mongolia for the Naadam Festival, and Eliza tries to tame one of the nation's famed wild horses to participate in a race. The episode's B-plots feature Donnie demonstrating amazing talent at Mongolian-style wrestling, and Debbie casually becoming an incredibly skilled archer (though she only started doing so to get a nice-looking outfit). At the end of the episode, Eliza finds herself cornered by the horse she tried to tame, and Donnie and Debbie use the abilities from earlier to save her—Donnie intimidates the horse into staying put in a grove of trees, while Debbie ties a rope to an arrow and creates a corral by shooting the bark.
  • In "Reef Grief" Eliza and Darwin are intimidated by some mysterious creatures in the trees. However Eliza faces her fears and walks right through their territory in order to save her dad. Though the creatures turn out to be nothing more than harmless flying lemurs (colugos), you have to admire her willingness to risk what she thought was walking into certain death to save her father.
    • While Eliza was to preoccupied to do more than get a little annoyed with the lemurs. Darwin let out a sudden loud evil laugh practically giving the poor lemurs a hear attack as they scamper off in different directions. Darwin was NOT about to give the lemurs Karma Houdini.
  • In "On the Right Track" Eliza and Skoot the reindeer are not only able to run faster than the other reindeer, but even catch up with Kip and his professional race horse disguised as one. Both Dank (the reindeer who was bullying Skoot earlier) and Kip's horse gave This Cannot Be! reactions when they saw Skoot on their tails.
    • At the end of the episode Dank compliments Skoot. Skoot still clearly mad only gives him a friendly thanks and leaves without another word.
  • In "The Origin of Donnie", Nigel drives off a pair of poachers that ensnared an orangutan. Despite having hurt his leg.
  • In "No Laughing Matter", Eliza and Darwin are about to give up in returning the hyena to the wild after he gets viciously mauled by a hostile clan of other hyenas and decide to return him to the gas station which owner is cruel to animals. But when a warthog attacks Eliza and corners her up a tree, the hyena suddenly gains the ferocity of his species and chases the warthog away from her. The chase also results the gas station owner getting ensnared in his own inhumane trap he set for the hyena.