Funny / The Wild Thornberrys

  • "NUNS?! NUNS think I'm a bad mother?!"
  • Debbie reads aloud from a Weekly World News-type tabloid magazine: "Oh, look! A 99-year-old woman gave birth to twin 3-headed cows! And the father is a chicken!"
  • Nigel tries to edit the newest footage himself... resulting in him accidentally having a warthog lip-synch his introduction.
    Nigel: The warthog is talking like me! (chuckles)
  • Everything with Donnie's gibberish.
  • Come on, say it:
  • From the first episode:
    Mount Kilamanjaro, Africa's highest peak. And roaming in its shadow, the king of beasts, the lion, known to local tribesmen as—ACK OOK ICH ACH BLUAH!
  • Anytime Darwin's snarky side shows.
  • Nigel's line in in 'Reef Grief.' "We seem to be faced with a fascinating lack of options!"
  • Nigel's attempt at throat-singing at the end of 'Horse Sense.'
  • In 'Bogged Down' Eliza and Darwin are being threatened by mysterious creatures who later turn out to be flying lemurs. As Eliza leaves them alone they sigh in relief only for Darwin to scare them off with a sudden loud evil laugh.

The Movie

  • When Darwin sneaks into Eliza's bag and causes a food fight in the lunch room. He is therefore forced to be left in the horse's barn.
    Darwin: Where's the bathroom?
    Thunder: You're standing on it!
    (view to Darwin's feet sinking in horse manure)
    Darwin: AAAAH!!!!
    • Later Grandmumsy Cordelia and Grandpa Ratcliff report to Debbie that Eliza escaped from boarding school. Debbie's response?
    Debbie: Wait a minute! Hold on...THE MONKEY GOT TO GO TO LONDON?!

  • "Excuse me while I go find a container for my joy."
  • When Debbie runs into the natives, who send one of them named Boko as her guide. While Debbie tries to tell Boko he can't come, Boko notices a large snake approaching her, and fights it, while Debbie, utterly oblivious, babbles on and on as Boko continues fighting the snake, then tosses it aside.
  • This gem as Nigel and Mary Ann leave Debbie with Donnie.
  • Debbie's reaction when Eliza explains her powers to her after losing them to save her—at first, we're led to think that she doesn't believe her, only for Debbie to reveal that she suspected it all along and then demand that Eliza relay a message to Darwin.