Awesome / The Waterboy

  • In his very first college football game, Bobby sacks the opposing quarterback sixteen times, shattering the previous NCAA record of seven.
  • At Bobby's wedding in the end, Mama tackles Bobby's dad Roberto, who showed up only because he heard that Bobby got draft offers by the NFL. Apparently, the anger and skills as a linebacker were genetic because she absolutely levels Roberto.
    Bobby: Nice hit, Mama.
    Mama Boucher: Thanks, baby.
  • While Bobby is being chewed out by Mama Boucher for going to school and doing football behind his mother's back, Bobby decides that enough is enough:
    Mama Boucher: You reap the fruit of selfish ways. You gonna lose all your fancy foosball games. And you're gonna fail your big exam because school is-
    Bobby: The Devil?
    (Mama Boucher looks horrified at her son's words)
    Bobby: (Getting enraged by the second) EVERYTHING IS THE DEVIL TO YOU, MAMA!
    (Mama Boucher is found sitting shocked at her son's words)
    Bobby: Well I like school! And I like football! And I'm going to keep doing them both because they make me feel good! (Bobby leaves for the door) And by the way mama, alligators are ornery because of the medulla oblongata! (Bobby slams the door as he leaves, then re-emerges) And I like Vicky and she likes me back! And she showed me her boobies and I like them too! (Bobby leaves one more time as his mother looks horrified)
  • Bobby's epic downing of Meaney in the Bourbon Bowl.
    Bobby: Powerbomb, compliments of Captain Insano.
  • Bobby's team winning the Bourbon Bowl, including the coach making a new playbook on the spot and catching his scumbag rival off guard due to imagining him as something he isn't afraid of.
  • When Bobby shows his ability to tackle for the first time.
    Bobby: So that's what opening a can of whoop-ass feels like...
    Coach Klein: Son, you just opened a whole case of whoop-ass!
  • Bobby scoring his first touchdown after the whole "Gatorade" taunt.
  • Bobby's entrance at the Bourbon Bowl. Not only did Vicky and Mama drive him right into the stadium on a fan boat, but the Mud Dogs are in the locker room reminiscing about all the things Bobby did throughout the season, and then Bobby enters the locker room:
    Bobby: Remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime, and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl?!