Awesome / The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

  • Daryl and Merle stopping a herd of walkers by luring them into a church and gas station respectively, then blowing them sky high with fireworks and gas.
  • Daryl single-handedly taking on HUNDREDS of walkers at the stadium. Punctuated by Merle showing up in a hummer carrying a for him to play with.
  • This situation just sums up Daryl as a character: Running through the rain, dozens of walkers in pursuit, caged cat in one hand and weapon in the other, to deliver the cat to an old woman.
    Merle: What do you think you're doing?
    Daryl: What's it look like, I'm saving the damn day!
  • Daryl's dad having witnessed one of his friends getting mauled immediately begins shooting at the walkers until he runs out of ammo. That should tell you something about the Dixon family.
  • Everything that Merle does in this game, including:
    • Sniping from a rooftop like in the show.
    • Taking out his old motorcycle gang when he realized they ratted him out.
    • Gave Daryl his crossbow.
    • Saved him at the last minute from a large herd of zombies when he tried to get aboard a rescue chopper.
  • Daryl has these himself, too. Taking out countless walkers, helping survivors and even rescuing a cat. That takes balls.
  • Most of the survivors you meet have already managed to survive the first few days of the outbreak and have basically holed themselves up in unreachable locations behind stacks of boxes or on the top of a roof.
  • Definitely the last part of the game where you not only get access to the assault rifle but can even use a tank-mounted machinegun to mow down the walkers.
  • Herd Mode: Your last stand, because the walkers will never stop coming.