Funny / The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

  • Merle's introduction is one. You find him on the roof, horribly sun burnt and drunkenly spouting nonsense. When Daryl tries to take him away, he can't bring himself to leave his chair.
  • Daryl explaining he's not the 'asshole' sniper on the rooftop.
    Daryl: I'm a different asshole.
  • The exchange of words between sun-stroked Merle and Daryl as Merle shoots the door thinking that someone's trying to trick him by impersonating Daryl's voice.
  • After Daryl brings food for an officer who locked himself in the prison cell and doesn't have the key...
    Daryl: What will you do when the food runs out? (officer is speechless)
  • Merle going on a detour just to get his drug stash. Daryl is not happy about this.