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Awesome: The Usual Suspects
  • How Keyser Soze slips through the hands of the police
    • There's something very awesome about the moment towards the very end when Kint untwists his foot, and walks normally. That's when you realize: it was all a lie.
    • And like that... he's gone.
  • Also, the flashback retelling of how he slaughtered the Hungarian mob that came after him when he was a small timer is also noteworthy, if horrifying.
    • Kujan was even impressed after having spent most of the movie treating Verbal like shit.
  • Perhaps the only time Guns Akimbo is portrayed at all realistically in film and still manages to be totally badass; McManus takes roughly ten seconds to aim, then successfully kills two guys at once.
    • I'd like to point out that if you pay attention to McManus's face, even behind the shades, you can tell he's concentrating very hard. And they say Alec is the Baldwin with all the talent.
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